My Poem for my TUMMY Pacemaker

My Poem for my TUMMY Pacemaker

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
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If you can Please help my Goal to gather as many signatures from all over the world to CHANGE.ORG GOOGLE Gastroparesis Margie Kugler....Thankyou with all my heart

My poem

Love/Health RENEWED

There may be a doubt

Motion in thoughts

No movement in my poor tummy

I let go of the outcome

For I shall send my Love

If its meant to be

I shall be healed

I have faith in the healing process

But also it needs a kick start

Technology...its the way

The Angels send me messages

I listen, I believe

In both the human race

Its belief in one


I CAN make a difference!

If not just for me but all

Who have Gastropaesis

It starts with faith

It can go a long way

Blessed be and So it is.

By Margie Kugler copyright 2018