Mystical Matrix

Mystical Matrix

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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The Mystical Matrix is based on the I Ching. The I Ching has elementals, all derived from fire, air, water, and earth. Using the I Ching each element is posed with another element to ascertain a condition of human nature. The 8 superior I Ching are the elements in accord with themselves.

The Mystical Matrix utilizes these elements to define the base and most natural situations imposed on us.

The element of fire combined with fire is the most intuitive of these situations.

The element of air combined with air is the most strategic of these situations.

The element of water combined with water is the most emotional of these situations

The element of earth combined with earth is the most materialized of these situations.

There are 8 superior situations which epitomize divine intervention.

Number one - the universe is self explanatory.

Number two - choice is to choose and accept the consequences.

Number three - not believing the enemy is personal.

Number four - the core of our being, becomes everything around us.

Number five - the light to take on an adventure to move from delusion.

Number six - moving into the unknown we find more than we know.

Number seven - divine intervention is the divines idea not ours.

Number eight - the divine has a plan nothing to do with the mind of man.