Natural Authentic Beauty is Fabulous and Free With the 100% Healthy Lifestyle

Natural Authentic Beauty is Fabulous and Free With the 100% Healthy Lifestyle

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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Have you ever sat with a woman who has had a lot of 'work'? She is of course beautiful, but there is a disconnect with the liveliness of cells and energy in the aura around the areas that have been surgically or chemically altered. I speak to the 'Botox' and 'filler' phenomenon. When you deaden the muscles or inject an artificial filler into a normally tissue occupied region you have now altered your energetic signature. I have found this especially distressing around lips and fill between mouth and nose, referred to as 'parenthesis'.

Regeneration of cells and tissue is an exciting new field, and can be observed in the natural youthing of the Apprentice and 100% Healthy Year long program participants where students are appearing visually 10 to 20 years younger in a few short months, simply by a steady regeneration of brain and nerve cells.

If you are a woman who has used the chemical or surgical enhancements available for 'new beauty,' you can get some of the naturalness back in your tissue by doing sessions from the Divine Human Blueprint with a focus on cellular neo geneisis(TM). Any trauma can be removed and improved with the cellular quantum mechanics (TM) protocols.

If you are opting for a lipo or augmentation surgery, the rapid healing from the cellular neo genesis is a perfect balm for post surgical recovery. Scaring is minimal with the technique as it is literally growing new 100% healthy cells in the area that has been traumatized. I respect the woman who has chosen to stay young, relevant and beautiful. Rather than think of 'anti aging' we need to be thinking about what keeps us young. A gal who loves herself enough to research the natural authentic beauty found in meditation, a calm lovely life and the natural activations of the human blueprint is a woman to be admired and applauded for her journey.

As women take on the stressors and burdens of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, we must be hyper vigilant about our beauty rest and daily surroundings. As I have become more active with work commitments, I find myself reevaluating everything: from the music I listen to and to the food I have my assistant deliver for my lunches. How we design our days, and the grace we wire into our moment-by-moment experience can do a world of good in the natural beauty world.