Natural Beauty Requires Skill in Navigating the NaySayers

Natural Beauty Requires Skill in Navigating the NaySayers

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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Oprah Winfrey is known to support Micro-current and Thermage treatments that massively stimulate the collagen production of the skin. This process causes the tissue to appear 10 years younger. (I had the pleasure of visiting with Oprah's man, Stedman Graham, last year at a Red Carpet event)

Doing these kinds of treatments are interesting and costly and will need repeating every several years to keep up the 'illusion' of youth. In my work as a miraculous healer and in my own enthusiasm to maintain youthful beauty, I have found three important internal shifts that can create a blissful and delightful internal change of events towards restoring beauty naturally.

Everyone knows that daily meditation is a natural way to stay younger and healthier.

"There are those who would say natural beauty only exists in the young or the 'fiscally fit' that can afford expensive 'natural' beauty enhancements."

Researchers have discovered the calming effect of meditation on the human system, which causes all stress to leave the body and a natural activation of the parasympathetic system, is key to this phenomenon.

Let me explain that a little further. Our nervous system is tuned to help us navigate the world and all the challenges we face throughout our day. To begin the day with an alarm going off will start you off in the sympathetic system. That is the system of high alert. Your first cup of coffee tells your adrenals to kick into high gear, and although there are lovely photos of people sitting enjoying time to themselves savoring their yummy caffeinated treat, they are actually doing the opposite of what the calming marketing photo often shows. That cup of coffee is setting the nervous system on further high alert.

Driving in traffic, answering ringing phones, experiencing workman's noises of jack hammers and drills, horns, technology sound and kids crying...all of this turns on the sympathetic system. It makes sense doesn't it?

In the sympathetic system, you can accomplish the knight's journey, out in the world you are ready to break down the barriers confronting of you. Think of this state as active. Unfortunately, it is also breaking down your skin and youthful body. Stress and the lack of experiencing prolonged periods daily in the parasympathetic system cause you to age and become ill.

If you really want to overcome the obstacles of maintaining prolonged youthfulness you must set your life up with balance.

Plan into your day times to rest, to do active guided meditation, and enjoy nature and exercise. Keeping your mind right, praising and thanking God for the wonder and beauty of your life will provide a luscious fuel for consistent beauty and vitality.

I have found the people who say it is not possible to be young and beautiful at every age have no balance, forget their gratitude list and live a life in the sympathetic system. Being on high alert, for them they will never accomplish the youthful beauty that comes from the inside out.

If you have girlfriends in your life that are the harbingers of bad news and stress, you might want to spend a little less time in their company. If your plan is to reverse aging in a natural healthy Cynthia Lee Miller, Image Consultant, loves Beautiful From the Inside Out way and to access your natural beauty, share this only with people who can get behind the idea that it is possible. Anti-aging is best accomplished with a cheering team of loving supporters!

In my blog, you will find articles addressing group mind and black magic and how the negativity of others can affect your miracle space.

Life is a wondrous journey of love joy happiness and self-expression.

I encourage you to experience your natural authentic transformation.

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