Nature Offers Nurture

Nature Offers Nurture

written by: Dr. Nikki Judge
by: Dr. Nikki Judge
Nature Nature

In today's modern world, many of us do not find the time to interact with the grounding and stabilizing energy of nature. From the belief that Earthing (or grounding) can help improve your health by reconnecting with the earth's energy, up to and including Nature worship, our connection with Nature is undeniable.With our technology-laden lives we forget that we *still* have more in common with nature than we do the metal and plastic devices we allow such control over our us.

"It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder, It's the stillness that fills me with peace."

-Spell of the Yukon, Robert W. Service

The world's population has been becoming increasingly urban. The United Nations reports that since 2009 there are more of us living in urban centers than in rural areas for the first time in human history. An amazing 54% of the world's population now lives in the city, essentially separated from nature by the trappings of city life. Concrete, asphalt, steel and plastic provide an artificial insulator/divider between people and the nature that could nurture them.

There is a connectedness between the human species and nature and yet we are so adamant to keep the distance from nature's nurturing and healing power. However, you can find ways to reconnect with the natural world even in the midst of a big city. Here are some ways you can spend time interacting with Nature that can help you feel more connected and grounded.

Ways to reconnect with nature:

*Take a walk outside, especially in a park or forest.

*Keep live plants in your living space.

*Eating wholesome, natural foods.

*Adopt a pet from or volunteer at your local shelter.

*Create a space filled with natural light.

*Spend some time watching the clouds.

*Meditate on the gifts of nature

*Listen to sounds of nature on your stereo.

*Volunteer at a community garden.

*Plant a window or patio garden of herbs and greens.

*Walk barefoot on the grass or dirt.

*Support green businesses in your community.

*Shop local to help save the environment.

*Recycle your waste.

*Surround yourself with pictures of nature.

*Place plants and flowers around you.

While living in the concrete jungle may not provide as many opportunities for interaction with nature as living out on the open range, there's no reason to deprive yourself of the energy and connection that interacting with Nature and grounding can bring.