New Beginnings

New Beginnings

written by: Mr. Dick Sutphen
by: Mr. Dick Sutphen
Let go and let god cover Let go and let god cover

New beginnings are always a step into the unknown. Your present environment may be one of chaos and total confusion, but it will evolve into a state of peace and growth. More than ever, this is a time to maintain your principles and draw upon your awareness of higher knowledge. Deal with your problems one at a time and act on the most important considerations first. There is no need to feel overpowered. You have the power and ability to resolve the disorder and establish a superior situation in the future.

New beginnings are an ideal time to move from an attached mind to a detached one. The vast majority of people on this planet live out their lives knowing only the attached mind, which fluctuates from positive to negative as outside conditions change—from happiness and joy down through neutrality, to the basement of emotions: depression, anger, hostility and fear.

A detached mind allows fluctuation only from positive to neutral as outside conditions change. You accept all the joy and happiness life has to offer, but your state of mind drops no further than neutral because you understand you can't control others or manipulate unalterable realities.

May peace and light be with us all,

Dick Sutphen