New website groups holistic doctors, dentists and veterinarians

New website groups holistic doctors, dentists and veterinarians

written by: Mrs. Francoise Becquey
by: Mrs. Francoise Becquey
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Now it's Easy for Consumers to Find Holistic Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians Offering Office Visits, House Calls or Consultations via Telemedicine!

Ravenna, Ohio, USA - July 13th, 2017: The Holistic Doctors Recognition Board announces the launch of their website meant to fill the existing void in finding holistic doctors in a much easier and quicker way than consulting the directories of professional organizations, which are difficult to find in a first place for the average consumer. The main idea is to help patients find holistic practitioners with medical training and choose them as their primary care doctors. They have a large choice on specialties such as Doctors, Dentists and even Veterinarians, all practicing according to holistic principles, which makes this website unique.

"I believe that Holistic doctors are the backbone of holistic medicine. Their credentials are a testimonial to the validity of holistic medicine, " Says Francoise Becquey, The President

Doctors can register their medical office, create a searchable listing, post articles and connect with more patients. Consumers can use this website to search doctors by category or location, and see if they can connect via telemedicine or get a house call. These methods of consultation are becoming more prominent and will facilitate the inclusion of holistic doctors in this progressive approaches. After searching for doctors, patients can learn more about them by comparing reviews, and full profiles of each doctor. Finally, see their location and contact them directly, or register and ask to be matched.

"Consumers at this point can find these doctors from professional organizations if they know where to look. Nobody had put them together, until now, so this website is a necessity. It stems up from a need for consumers to find primary care from holistic professionals with medical training," Francoise Becquey added.

This directory is brought to consumers by the Holistic Doctors Recognition Board, an organization dedicated to the promotion of holistic medicine!

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