Not Obvious Rise and Fall of …..

Not Obvious Rise and Fall of …..

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Brainstudy cover Brainstudy cover

I was realizing we've had a very interesting dynamic with the Quantum Academy since its inception 6 years back.

Full transparency. If you were just judging success of the Academy by financial bottom line, our biggest year was the 2014-15 calendar year. This is not because the classes were better, or that we had larger classes but that at that time our list was double what it is now and I was doing 18 hour work days doing many VIP appointments and 15 minute summit chats.

Life of course had to change with the birth and addition of Adelia to my home and family. At that time I had to limit my hours and thought it best to focus my attention on building year-long programs, a rock solid members' site and reduce my public appearances, no travel, and significantly less radio. podcast and summit interviews.

During the past 5 years I've published 10 books! (Hello, Goodbye! I Love You Forever! was up this week on Amazon, and Origins will likely go in about 10 days!) Our team has built 4 wonderful year-long programs! We have a meditation app running and books sold all over the world.

We did try several things to build the Academy during the recent years. We hired a 5 member sales team to help coach our interested students into programs, a social media team (we went through a couple of them actually), and we did a huge project of building a funnel for Quantum Healing secrets which is still running nicely.

Some things worked, nothing quite the way I thought it would, yet my highest priority was to nurture the active students with amazing trainings they could get nowhere else, clearings and regenerations that were miraculous, and I'm helping my special daughter enjoy her life. Life got even more challenging with the loss of our little fella. But I was feeling our Academy was primed and in position for a huge shift, and we are in that spot right now!

I read something that made so much sense, I needed to spend half my time building new members and half doing work in the Academy. I'm probably more like 70% in the Academy and 30% out working on building our following but there's a wonderful shift happening.

This week my Brain Study was published. With that 26 interviews have been booked into my schedule. I'll be on PBS with a 4-part series on Creative Living! We've had about 1000 new optins from a strategy we're using on Facebook and Instagram so our list is once again growing. We've also have a national press release going out next week on the Brain Study and the National Publicity Summit resource online catalog RTIR is running a pitch for us on the brain regen too!

I saw the word 'Rise and Fall' and I thought of us, but more like we're a symphony with our music rising and softening, articulate and smooth, perfect for what is happening in the time. We're on a miraculous transformative path of inner and outer growth. So much has shifted, gone deeper, more beautiful and profound.

We're on our way once more, but then we always have been on the path, we're just back in the public eye and more ready than ever to welcome a global audience, helping shift humanity for the better!

So grateful you're on the journey with me!