On Human Spirit

On Human Spirit

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
On human spirit On human spirit

I've been meditating on our human experience. In the past folks said we were body, mind and spirit. Some teacher say human spirit is the best part of us, the part that loves, while human animal, the body is our vehicle and involved more with issues of survival.

In both the Essence class, where we will talk about how our spirit came into existence and in the angels class where we will explore the long standing relationship with God and angels to humanity, we are looking at what we are and how we came to be.

We've used the term 'human spirit' and 'human animal' in our trainings, but I now aware that is not accurate. When we refer to them as separate from each other we define a symbiotic relationship. It really isn't that. Once the spirit breath happens, which is the first breath at birth, the spirit and body are one. We become one being united until the body ends or the agreement to be in the body ends and another takes over (a welcomed walk in). When we refer to the components of our blueprint an are referring to the common words for matter we will refer to our body as 'human body'

How does this exactly happen?

The body is in a miraculous condition at the time of birth and is in the realm of genesis. The first breath seals the deal and a contract of life with the body is made by the action of taking a breath. You agree to incarnate, all of what you bring from Essence to all of who you are in your magnificent body.

Your body has incredible intelligence, is educated in a way, by the presence of you and your wisdom now one with matter. People refer not only to the brain as a keeper of knowledge, but also your heart, guts, cells, skin and nerves. You are absolutely brilliant! And you are all of you your entire blueprint.with many skills spiritual and physical.

I am so very jazzed about our spiritual awareness programs. I encourage you to check them out month, the retreat days online, Essence and Illumination will be so special and so extremely helpful in integrating the joy of the holidays in the mundane fuss and juggle of the an active month.

You are loved, and included. All you need to do is accept the invitation to join me, and together we will sort out the gunk or life and bring in the miracles that are yours already, just waiting for you!