One Man’s Distance Healing with John of God

One Man’s Distance Healing with John of God

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Dr. augusto de almeida Dr. augusto de almeida

"A True Story of Healing with John of God"

Just before we left for Brazil we gathered together a few photos and permissions for healings that we took with us when we went to see John of God. This is the true story of one of those long distance healing.—Photo is of Dr. Agusto De Almeida one of the Entities of LIght... a healer.

When we left for Brazil we took a few photos of people who wanted to heal and all their information that we needed. Then towards the end of our trip with John of God, our guide Deb presented the photos and the requests for healing to John of God. And the Entities of Light that work through John of God gave everyone a prescription of healing herb (It's All the Same Herb but Filled With Different Healing Energies from the Entities of Light—it's not the herb it's could have been dirt it's the healing energies from the Entities). And John of God also said that all of the people should come to see John of God in Brazil when they could make the trip.

Thus in a couple days, we flew home and right away everyone wanted to know about our trip and understand everything we experienced. And we also passed out the healing herbs to those who gave us their photos... and gave all of them instructions as to what they were to do over the course of 40 days. They could not have any black pepper, spicy food, alcohol, or sex during that time period of healing.

And one of the people who is a friend had high blood pressure and lots of arthritic back pain. So he started taking the herb and having dreams of healing. And now it's been 31 days and yesterday he said his blood pressure was now normal and his back pain was completely gone. Plus he was so excited about his healing by the Entities of Light.

Thus once more the Entities of Light including St. Ignacio, Dr. Augusto De Almeida, St. Rita, and 1000 more Entities of Light from across the veil did their healing work and healed this man of his pain and ailments.

I have to say, if I did not see all the healings that took place in Brazil I would not have believed it... it would not have sunk in. But they did happen and all the healings are real, I saw them for myself. And the Entities of Light are amazingly real... and the healing Entities of Light exist on the other side of the veil. And the Entities of Light are there at our disposal helping us heal at any time. But we also have to have faith, faith is the other 50% of the equation that we must supply, the Entities do their work and we have to believe so that healing can take place.

Remember if you would like a photograph of the Healing Triangle from John of God for healing please email me at or you can message me on FB under Dr. Paul Haider and I will send it to you... and how to use it.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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