Online Counseling & Psychotherapy

Online Counseling & Psychotherapy

written by: Irving Schattner
by: Irving Schattner
Interoceptive exposure for treating anxiety Interoceptive exposure for treating anxiety

Online therapy has been receiving a lot of attention lately. It refers to therapy conducted remotely via the internet or over the phone. There are a number of applications that allow for sessions to take place via computer, iPad or smart phone.

Online therapy has some advantages over traditional in-office therapy. It doesn't require the time and expense of traveling, allowing clients greater flexibility of engaging with a therapist in the comfort of one's home. For those persons who don't drive and either have to depend on or pay someone (or some service) to drive them to and from therapy sessions, online therapy can be a practical alternative, offering them access to services normally not available or accessible.

Benefits of Video Therapy

Persons with a fear of driving or lack of access to alternative forms of transportation, can engage with a therapist in the privacy of safety of one's home. This may be especially helpful for those suffering with agoraphobia and/or social phobia or generalized anxiety, as well as others with incapacitating physical or health problems that pose extreme hardship in getting to the therapist's office.

Persons suffering with severe depression may also be reluctant, fearful or unwilling to venture outside of their home and can benefit from face-to-face guidance and support with a trained psychotherapist via the internet.

Clients with busy schedules may find online therapy particularly appealing, which increases their access to mental health services. For those living in remote (rural) areas where mental health services are not readily available or accessible, online therapy offers access to needed mental health services.

Let's go over the advantages of online therapy and counseling: it's a good option for remote areas, it offers accessibility for those with physical limitations, it's convenient and affordable, and lastly online therapy makes information more accessible to reach a wider audience.

written by: Irving Schattner

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