Opening to Receiving

Opening to Receiving

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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As Valentine's Day approaches, our life here in Carmel Valley is taking on many interesting and stimulating twists and turns. I've listed my beautiful house for sale, it will go on officially Feb 24th. Along with that I'm going into contract on new construction in Moorpark California, about 30 miles west of LA. I've been dating and feeling into the place of love and relationship for myself. Adelia and I will soon be applying for sibling/baby number 2, but that waits till we move south. I've just been on a radio show and am being interviewed Wednesday on a local TV show and been invited to attend a red carpet Gala in Beverly HIlls!

Go just about a week back, I was feeling overwhelmed and somewhat distressed about the idea of moving away from this lovely dream home. I was holding onto a pre children dream, and attempting to make room for a better situation with my growing family. On Sunday morning, I was teary, asking God please help me, please help me. Adelia attended toddler Sunday school and I attended church. As I raised my voice to full volume and let the glorification of God and God's love poor from my lips, I could feel myself readjusting.

I felt a recalibration taking place, helping me rapidly move through the stuck place I'd been. I had a moment of realization, God help me was not what I actually needed to say, but rather God thank you for helping me and for all that is to come.

Do you ever have moments where you feel alone stressed and exhausted? I know I'm really good at staying positive and in hope but there are moments where even I feel this. They say it's darkest before the dawn. Well dawn is here. Adelia will be helped in our home with a mother's helper starting this week. I've also hired an extra pair of hands to help me prepare for the move. Both of these people appeared rapidly, as if a miracle of speeding shifts and changes were showing me I was fully supported and loved.

If I had stayed with the God help me, it would have slowed the rapidness of all our shifts. Today, I write the deposit check for our builder. The lot wasn't even supposed to become available till March or May. Yet just 2 weeks after seeing this beautiful home and property it's presenting itself to me saying yes time for a change and the heavenly hosts are helpling!

What I'm learning from this is to do my best to relax and trust in the rectification process of 2018. Life wants to course correct this year. You may be resisting some changes feeling you just can't add any more to your plate right now. I know I felt that way, and yet, things are moving in so much grace, I have to just take a deep breath and relax into my next steps in life. You may also need to do this.

Receiving and resisting are diametrically opposite. What are you resisting? How can you let go a bit and trust in the next segment of your life? There are no mistakes, My living here for 3 years was not a detour, but rather, 3 years in heaven. I bought when the market was depressed and am selling when the market is high here in the place known for beautiful luxury estates. My bottom line after close should be more than fine.

No matter where you are in this moment in time you can trust all is well. Continue to seek course corrections in areas of your life out of balance or out of alignment with your highest purpose. This is the year to do it!