Opening to Universal Wisdom – Understanding your Wake-Up Calls

Opening to Universal Wisdom – Understanding your Wake-Up Calls

written by: Ms. Megan Edge
by: Ms. Megan Edge
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There are three levels of intuitive knowing, each allowing you to access different information as you need it. In my article, "Are You Listening?", we looked at the first level,

your own Inner Wisdom, the wise part of yourself who remembers all your human experiences. In "When you Stop Listening – Help is on the Way!" we discussed the second level, your ability to hear the guidance of the energy beings who are always around you, your Spirit Guides, Angels or other external sources of information. I'd now like to share with you the third level of Intuitive Wisdom, that of Universal Wisdom, God/Goddess, Source – however that shows up for you.

As you connect to these three levels of Intuitive Wisdom and learn to trust what you are hearing from each of them, you deepen your intuition, creating ease and flow in your day-to-day life. As you experience this ease and flow, your self-confidence and sense of self-worth also increases and is reflected in your overall sense of wellbeing.

When you choose to ignore the first and second levels of intuition the Universe steps in. This is the third level of intuition, the Big Guns! I want you to feel the truth of this: You are here for a reason. You are here on purpose. You have written your story, and how closely you have stayed in your story will have an impact on your ability to listen to your own council. Can you feel that? If you have moved away from your purpose, from your reason for coming into this life, your life will not feel right. You'll feel stuck and vaguely or acutely unhappy. You'll feel as though something is missing.

So how close have you stayed to your story? It could be that you have come into this world to have a life of ease. It could be that you came into this life to work with a certain group of people. Perhaps you have come into this life to work with survivors of sexual abuse, or you're here to help immigrants settle into a new country. Some of you came here to change the world on a global scale while some of you showed up to lead by example in your day-to-day lives. Your choice to do these things, the reason you wrote them into your story, was to make sure that you remembered what you came here to do.

Whatever the reason you chose to come into this life experience, if you have strayed from that, your intuition is going to be kicking in big time to get you back on the path that you wrote for yourself, that you chose for yourself. When you stray from your path, the Universe will stop and redirect you, lovingly and firmly, back onto the path that you wrote for yourself to walk.

This is one of the reasons why you experience crisis, such as car accidents, severe injuries, death, or trauma. These events are not punishment for some past crime or behaviour. This is a limited view of Karma that only helps to keep you stuck in limited thinking. Karma is the sum of all your experiences. These Wake-Up Calls are born out of your need to grow and expand. Again, the choice is yours – you can fall into your Wake-Up-Call and not see the bigger picture or you can literally look for and experience the Silver Lining, growing and expanding and coming back in service to others from the experiences you bring into your life.

I want to share with you an exercise I use with my students of my Confident Healer program. I know how powerful this exercise is because I created it out of my own healing journey.

Make a list of all the events that you have experienced in your life that you consider have been challenging, traumatic or hurtful. This may be a short list or a long one, depending not only on your definition of what is challenging, traumatic or hurtful but also on the story you wrote for yourself. Some souls decide to get a lot cleared and healed in each life time while others choose a more restful life. The length of your list isn't important. What's important is that you don't edit or shy away from listing these events.

Once you have your list completed, sit with it for a while. Read through it while paying attention to the feelings and emotions that come up for you, without judging or making excuses for yourself or others. As you read through your list begin noticing patterns in the events. Is there a higher percentage of emotional events or physical events? Do you see similar things happening repeatedly? Are you becoming aware of a bigger, over-all picture of learning and growth as you look through your list?

From a place of total non-judgment, as if this list belonged to someone else, allow yourself to begin to feel a Life Theme or Themes emanating from this list of events. What has this person come here to learn in this lifetime? Where does it appear they may have become stuck in a pattern, habit of behaviour or belief? Allow the life events on this list to weave a story in your mind about why this person may have called these events into their life.

Now, write down the thoughts that come into your mind about the meaning of these life events, these Wake-Up Calls – again, from a detached, non-judgmental place. Feel only love and compassion for the person who wrote this list. Give them permission to release any self-blame or victim-hood they may be carrying around these events. Allow them to understand and make connections to the bigger tapestry of their life.

And then remember this person is you...

written by: Ms. Megan Edge

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