Outpouring of Spiritual Gifts: A Very Special Blessed Time in Our Academy

Outpouring of Spiritual Gifts: A Very Special Blessed Time in Our Academy

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Spiritual gifts Spiritual gifts

It's my favorite time of year. I love summer! There is a renewed sense of strength, good health and happiness as we hike, swim and play in the great outdoors under the glorious and beautiful sun!

In addition to summer, in the church calendar this is a period known as Pentecost. It's a time we think of as the time for the outpouring of spiritual gifts, that flow more freely, as it the veil between heaven and earth has become more permeable and if you're keeping yourself in a high frequency, you'll be the recipient of great blessings of a spiritual nature during this time.

Some folks think of Pentecost as a day, but I feel it goes on for many weeks, perhaps 23 weeks...knowing this, you would want to stay in good shape, on track and in the flow of trainings for your spiritual gifts to flow more freely to you now!

Here are some ideas I have for you on amplifying your receptivity for blessing during this sacred time: Seek ye first the kingdom of God

  1. Continue your daily meditation. Bring your open heart to your time of peaceful activation.
  2. Make time for sacred reflection, it could be doing a few minutes of ritual or ceremony each day. For example reading/praying one decade of Illumination rosary, lighting a candle and focusing in on your divine connection, hiking to a blissful place in nature and taking time to take it all in, and appreciate the tremendous gifts you already have
  3. For gifts of a spiritual nature to flow, you would also want to give gifts. This isn't a command to give physical gifts, but rather gifts of the heart, for example loving appreciation, words of kindness, honoring and appreciation, spoken, written, given in the gift of a flower. You know what I speak of here, it might be time spent with a lonely elder, volunteer time in neonatal unit holding preemies, serving in a soup kitchen, helping in your community in some way.
  4. Pray. Glorify. Ask. Prayer should be a vital part of your life. Especially while the spiritual gifts are flowing while the veil is pulled back and heaven can be realized on earth. You can open your heart in earnest prayer.

and his righteousness

and all these things

shall be added unto you


Knock and the door shall be opened unto you

seek and ye shall find

ask and it shall be given unto you


This summer of great blessings and miracles has arrived! I'm excited for us all to receive what is already flowing to us!