Overweight Might Be Sugar Addiction—Or Beyond

Overweight Might Be Sugar Addiction—Or Beyond

written by: Joan Kent
by: Joan Kent
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Overweight Might Be Sugar Addiction – Or Beyond

by Joan Kent, PhD

Today's post covers more info about insulin and its effects on your health.

My client with PCOS wasn't the only one whose doctor sent me a thank-you note.

Several years prior, I had worked with an overweight client who was diagnosed as "pre-diabetic." Despite the "pre-" diagnosis, she was already on Metformin, typically prescribed for type 2 diabetes.

It took us a while to straighten things out, but her numbers improved on all counts. Her weight, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, blood pressure and cholesterol all decreased. Getting her away from sugar was only one factor.

This client even started getting hungry! Because she had never experienced hunger before, she thought something was wrong. Of course, it simply showed that her meals were getting more in line with her body's actual needs.

This client's doctor thanked me, as well.

Other Health Issues? Blame Them on Insulin, Too.

The connection may seem odd. But stay with me.

How clients eat may determine whether or not they become insulin resistant. IR can be an indirect (yet powerful) influence on our health. And if someone is addicted to sugar – or eating other foods that trigger high insulin (white flour products, for example) – it can result in disease. Especially if they're eating those foods in large quantities.


Insulin resistance (IR) – specifically the high levels of insulin that IR causes – can cause inflammation.

Inflammation is currently considered a primary factor in most – if not all – disease. With insulin resistance, extra insulin is the body's first defense: a little didn't work, so here's more. That high insulin is what leads to inflammation.

One client had rosacea, bloating and resistant weight issues. She followed my system, and all of the signs and symptoms reversed. When she made the mistake of going back to her "old way" of eating, her symptoms returned. We had to start again. Once she did that, she again got great results.

A client with irritable bowel syndrome went through a dramatic change. She had suffered with gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, cramping, low energy and irritable bowel for as long as she could remember.

Fortunately, my program helped her digestive problems and pain disappear. Quickly. She was able to eat foods she could never eat before, her energy improved, and she was sleeping better.

I've worked also with clients who have CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy), multiple sclerosis, serious premenstrual discomfort, and serious menopausal discomfort. All of these clients made remarkable changes in their health after addressing and reversing the inflammation causing the problems.

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