Paris Climate Accord - Elite Hoax

Paris Climate Accord - Elite Hoax

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Paris elite hoax Paris elite hoax

For those of you that are all up in arms about the Paris Climate Accord or Paris Climate Change Agreement (it doesn't really matter which name you call it by). You may not like me much after reading this, you may choose to unfriend me, or you may choose to just stop reading here. If you don't want to open into your consciousness and read the full picture; then "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

That being said; I am all for supporting mother earth and our environment. However, THIS deal pushed forward on the date that it was, scheduled to start in the year 2020; is nothing but a big HOAX by the ELITE "top" (they are really the bottom of the pits) financial families. This deal is nothing more than one of those elaborate scams packaged in a way to make you believe it is for the environment. It lacks consciousness, concern, and humanitarian all over it.

Imagine this, here is a bomb ready to explode on a certain day and time. It arrives to you as a "gift", a "peace offering", "support" for something that you want that has some piece of connection with consciousness - such as having concern for the environment. This bomb, however, doesn't look like a bomb; because, well, if it did, you wouldn't accept it.

So instead it is packaged in a way that looks like a really pretty; gift wrapped in organic paper, with some seeds that you can plant. With it comes some very specific instructions to leave it in it's wrapping so that it will better nourish the earth and your environment. You are told that by doing this, all your troubles will go away; because it has a magick power to heal you and give you a better quality of life. You are then to keep it safe right in the middle of where you do everything, or keep it with you at all times to get the greatest benefits.

However, what they don't tell you is that this is actually a bomb with a tracking device that will make your mind and body too weak to do anything. So here you are holding onto it while it drains you out completely. Then when the time comes for it to explode, you start hearing the ticking and realize it is a bomb; but you are too weak to move and get out of the way of it's explosion.

Does this sound a bit exaggerated to you? Does this sound like something out of a SciFi film? Well you may want to think again. I assure you if you really connect with your true consciousness and tune into what your body is saying you will uncover the truth of the horror that is trying to be passed off to you.

All throughout the coding of this is illuminati, draconian, and elite agendas. Everything in it codes up to their "secret" numerology and code messages. In this agreement even has code alignments to New York's 9-11 Twin Tower Attack. YES, it is connected. This whole agreement is designed to make you believe you have no consciousness, that you are nothing more than a human being who is helpless and worthless. It is connected to greater severance from your true nature of consciousness.

In the realm of codes, 2020 is highly significant. There are 2 aspects to it. In the realm of true consciousness this is the year that the Angels begin to reclaim consciousness for humanity. This is the wake up call; the year that begins the "redemption" that is remembering our true nature and self. The time where forward movement can happen from the stagnation that has been teaching us.

However, this does not fit in with the non-consciousness based plans of the Elite that want to keep their power. This is the year that they want to move everything into a One World Money - the New World Order; which will compile the resources to only a few (even fewer than there are now); and everyone within this select group wants to be the one holding the power. In codes the year 2020 is when money is no longer available; a crashing of financial resources. The illusion of money becomes blown; because we will need to learn to live outside of it. We are already there; but the Elite are scrambling to put this new system in place in order to maintain control.

This agreement implemented in that year is the catalyst being used - unless of course people stop buying into it; and that will cause them to look to something else. YOU DON'T NEED AN AGREEMENT TO TELL YOU TO BE RESPONSIBLE - YOUR CONSCIOUS SELF IS ALREADY THERE. However, if they make you so dependent and weak through material things, electronics, Smart BS this and Smart BS that; you leave yourself vulnerable to their choices. Every Chemtrail they spray through the sky is to enhance their ability to create your programming to focus on material things instead on your true nature of consciousness. It is designed to make you tired, depressed, sick; or at least believe that you are these things by disconnecting your from your true state of consciousness.

This agreement is all about teaching you a lesson in the realm of codes and placing you as a victim to the Elite's choices. Each country that "buys in" on it, the world leader - NOT THE CITIZENS - is promised "immunity" from certain things. However, if those countries with the largest resources buy into it; those countries will lose all voice moving forward and we will be looking at much worse fates; because those resources will last only a few short years, and then the Elite will go forward with destroying the environment even more rapidly. Those that buy in are turning over the lives of their citizens to slavery and abuse more horrific than you can imagine.

Restructured and put through at another time we can get a totally different result. This agreement in codes at that time opens the door to the revolution pattern that is Apocolyptic. Their distortions are enormous right now.

Take the Movie "23″ for example - another distortion they are programming people into. In the movie the number 23 is connected with the "Evil" or "Devil". However, the true aspect of this number connects with change into consciousness. However, by using this movie to program you to believe that it is "Evil" then when that redemption of true consciousness arrives under this coding pattern you will see it as evil and reject it. Instead you will feed the grid shift of Elite control; and turn over your own true nature to them.

WAKE UP - GET CONSCIOUS. The media is on "THEIR" side not yours; because that is who is paying their bills. Keeping your connection to consciousness and looking bigger than the bill of goods you are being sold stops these agendas from being put through. Remember who you are pure loving consciousness.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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