People First

People First

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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Do you feel like people are operating like a computer running a program? Does it feel like you don't matter, just your money does? Have you ever felt like you are almost non-existent; and that as long as you comply and do what is wanted or desired that is all that matters?

In today's world it is easy to feel as if we are nothing more than a bunch of robots. I have even made this comment in the past that it is like people seem vacant and non-existent within their bodies. It is even known that there are many hybrids (robot human blends) walking around the Earth. In many advertising, and subliminal programming we are seeing the push to make humans simply another version of machines.

It is almost as if we now have to aspire to be a machine. WHAAAT? That is right, we are being moved to work like robots that run on a program. With this push it is no wonder that we have seen a huge surge in people feeling inferior, not enough, and unworthy in this world. We are constantly being replaced by machines in the work areas. Companies are using less people and more self-service options; and some have completely gotten rid of customer service centers, and you can only use online help. Even their online "live" chat is a robot with programmed responses.

During the times of taking on a "real" job to pay bills off; I started a movement among my co-workers that actually brought them a lot of joy. This being inspired by my friend and radio producer Daniel Michael; who always was telling me that we have to keep people first, and it is people that will determine what you can have and do in this world. He was absolutely right. Robots are not determining anything; but people have choice and that means they can make a lot of choices that influences others.

The way I chose to use this in the work place was to use this by being compassionate with people. Acknowledging their individual human self. I chose not to see them as a dollar or even a customer; but as a human that chose me to interact with and to seek some sort of assistance or conversation with. As I did this more and more, I found that I could be hidden behind boxes, several feet up a ladder; and people would pass by multiple people and stand there and wait for me to help them, even if I had never helped them before.

This phenomenon, is much like the animal or small child that goes right to someone that they know will love them and care for them. In spiritual terms we see this as being drawn to the light. What is happening in this is that they feel a sense of value, worth, love, safety, comfort, and acceptance. See, it is not about perfection; but about being seen and treated with compassion.

This is true nature, divine connection, heaven on Earth. We really don't have perfectionism tendencies; but to have these fundamental aspects in work in our lives. When we allow ourselves to compassionately treat others first we provide experiences that are magical, heart touching, and full of Divine Presence.

This is how we are going to shift to something that is a sustainable society. This is how we can allow the world to survive on so many levels. This is how we can connect with true and lasting abundance.

When we have this dynamic, we remove the conflict and can work with all aspects. People will purchase and act with loving heart; and that is where we can really live fully and in complete connection. This is where we get to live as our divine and soulful self that is fully valued for it's own uniqueness.

This is not just about being happy; but it is easier, restorative, and the aspects that people are truly seeking in this world. It costs nothing; and it gives everything. Oh, and that is another way that the divine functions. This is a giving that brings back so much more.

This is an example of how the giving is all that we do, there is no focus on receiving or what we are getting; and that is because what we naturally receive without any focus on receiving is far greater than what we are putting out. So even abundance becomes so abundant; and yet all of this still does not create extremes. We will never find fulfillment in being and being treated as something we are not. So if we act as if we are robotic and treat others with robotic manners and answers; we will not find fulfillment with them or life in general. If we work from the magnificence of compassion which is what our human self is all about, we will be in divine abundance.

When we place people first, we not only treat them compassionately; but we give them our full attention in the moment, we place their needs and concerns above material things, we truly give without need or desire or expectation for something in return.

Do you put people first; or are you being task focused? Are you getting fulfillment in your interactions, or are you simply going through motions? Are you being abundant in your human self or are you transitioning to a robot? Are you choosing humans or machines as your priority?

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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