Permission to Enjoy

Permission to Enjoy

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Permission Permission

Wow I can feel some deep shifts happening inside me as I heal from loss and move back to my bright self, somehow transformed, maybe more real than ever, and I'm always committed to sharing what I'm discovering, knowing what I'm passing through may help you also to shift and grow.

I've been looking at how the accumulation of and accomplishment of goals is amazing. I want to honor my journey and look back in awe at all that has been accomplished.

Then, I want to say, if you have all the circumstances you've been working towards and no permission to enjoy these circumstances, life can still feel like a big stressor, you can feel obligated rather than in joy about what's in front of you and in a prision of a kind. Knowing what needs to be cleared so that the enjoyment of life in all aspects to 100% can happen will be amazing. And for me I think that would be a first time I would actually be able to rest in the joy of accomplishment.

I think mother prophecy, heritage set point and heritage meme are all factors in my field that need a big shift. I am an artist, poet, musician, I would imagine my life... one of full enjoyment would have these aspects of my gifts engaged. The artist would direct how I live my beautiful life. More laughter, more relaxation, more presence and appreciating where we are, family, work community, friendships.

I know I and my family are in heaven on earth.