Personal Development From Your Own Home

Personal Development From Your Own Home

written by: Mrs. Tracey Milne
by: Mrs. Tracey Milne
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Hello, and welcome to the Energies of Autumn 2017.

It's a very active and exciting time to be upon the planet, and you may have noticed that your dreams have intensified lately, becoming more vivid and possibly more symbolic than ever. Though we all dream each night, over 80% of our dreams are forgotten come Morning, as holding a conscious awareness of your dream processes and interpreting the messages received takes both time, patience and practice.

When you consider the idea that Dreaming is an activity experienced by every human upon the planet, not to mention many other mammals, from our first day on the planet until our last, it's surprising how little we in the Western World actually know about our intuitive abilities that allow us to dream in the first place, let alone take the time to try to recall and interpret Our Dream sessions.

When we embrace the idea that our Dreams hold vital keys and messages sent to us directly from our Higher Self & Spirit Guide Team, as well as offer us a way to process the emotions that we may have not have recognized on a conscious level at the time of any interaction, we realize just how vital understanding our dreams, and our intuition, can be to our overall growth and happiness levels.

Our Dreams are a reflection of our natural Intuitive Abilities, or the 6th senses we were all born with. Much like our other 5 senses, our 6th sense, helps us to interact with and interpret unseen energy, and process it in a way that can be utilized to our benefit and personal taste. However, in our Western society, many of us are discouraged from acknowledging our sixth sense or our Dreams as anything beyond an overactive imagination. But have you ever wondered how can that be when Dreaming is a world wide phenomenon?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between your intuition and your imagination? Have you ever wanted to know just how your intuition works for you personally ? Would you like to find out?

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of just how Source Energy is co-creating with you all the time, and get a better grasp on your natural abilities to both interpret and trust the intuitive information you perceive? Would you like to take advantage of learning all of this and more from the comfort of your own home? Then have I got an opportunity for you!

Now Available online! A new, one of a kind personal development workshop designed for people who are ready to step into their Authentic Abilities and take back their power over their lives, but aren't sure where to begin.

In this 7 Part Training series, you will be given tools and techniques , to overcome the Top 3 Blocks that keep most people from acknowledging or utilizing their intuition in the first place. Through this Light Infused video series, you get to take advantage of the knowledge acquired with over 30 years of experience, and bypass several common mistakes, as your gently guided on a journey of self discovery by Canadian Professional Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach, Tracey Milne AAHP.

In this unique series of videos you will learn about :

How & Why you are naturally designed to receive and utilize the Source Energy that is always working in concert with you, and discover the difference between your intuition and your imagination. The Design & Function of Your Chakras, Aura, and Claire's or Translation Centres.You'll learn about your subtle 4 Body system that functions in concert with your Intuition, and a gain a greater understanding of how you process Source energy.

You'll be given a very powerful and effective tool for setting newer safer parameters for Spirit to adhere to moving forward. You'll discover what colour your Aura is and what Soul Family you come from through 2 fun quizzes designed to give you a new way of seeing yourself. You'll also learn about your Magical Hands, and the Chakras that reside there that can help you work with 3 time honoured Intuitive Information Gathering methods, as you learn how to choose and use a pendulum and oracle deck that's right for you as well as basics in the art of Palm Reading. You'll also receive a detailed information pack loaded with links to videos and resources that can help you best, and be given a coupon code to receive your personal copy of a new Dream Guide & Dictionary in ebook format for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the rich wealth of information available to you through your dreams.

All of this for the low price of $110 Canadian! For those who act in the next 5 weeks. To sign up or learn more, go to my website. You're worth the investment, and I promise, you'll never look at yourself the same way again. Your Time for Self Empowerment is at hand, Your Higher Self is calling, are you ready to embrace your natural abilities?

Are you ready to Grow? Good, then all you need is waiting for you. Contact us soon. In Light and Love, Tracey Milne AAHP