Plan Your Time Wisely

Plan Your Time Wisely

written by: Dr. Yana Greenberg
by: Dr. Yana Greenberg
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Plan Your Time Wisely.

Today I started my morning by the incredible desire to sleep in. It was already 6:30 am and I did not even want to open my eyes. Every day I wake up at 5:45 am, take my dog out for a walk and at the gym at 6 am. But this morning—- when my 3 parakeets, with their beautiful singing, reminded me that it is already 6:30, having opened one eye, I was looking for things to throw in the direction of the bird cage to keep them quiet... Unsuccessful in my vigorous attempts I realized that I am already fully awake and that would probably look ridiculous if someone saw me in this frazzled state. A good laugh guaranteed! So I laughed at my silly behavior and thanked my little friends for being unknowingly faithful to me.

Having analyzed the reasons for my "so unlike me" behavior, I realized that it all had to do with the motivation to start the new day and things that I had to accomplish today. Why? Because I steered away from my daily routine. There are few factors that over the years I found very helpful and that contribute to my effectiveness as a human being as a whole and as a professional. Allow me to share them with you.

1. Plan Your Day the Evening Before

Sit down in the evening and create the list the things you need to accomplish the next day. This clarifies your goals, conditions the subconscious mind, and programs it for the organized day tomorrow. You see, just by writing your list you will feel more effective, in control of your life, motivated and creative.

I find this to be the most important thing and something I did not do yesterday night because I was too tired after the entire day filled with physical activities and just wanted to sleep.

If you struggle with completion of your daily tasks, consider this effective technique. It is an incredibly easy thing to do, but requires some time investment. All of us can find a few minutes a day to design another day. Daily planning cancels out poor performance the next day.

As you realize the effectiveness of planning your days, you will see the importance of also developing (in your time):

~ Life List. Your Life List should include your life desires and future goals.

~ Year List. Your Year List should include your plans for the year.

~ Monthly List. Breaking your Year List into smaller parts can become a monthly list that you create at the end of the month for the new month to come.

~ Weekly List. Design your week ahead of time.

This project would require some time and serious planning. But systematic daily planning you will boost your discipline and self-confidence and make it easier to approach those large scale projects.

2. Meditate for 10 Minutes in the Morning

Instead of checking your phone, emails or the news the very first thing in the morning (like most of our conscientious citizens do) and get petrified by the world news where the Russians are taking over the world; or falling off the bed (if you check Facebook as soon as you open your eyes) when you see your Facebook friend who spent the last 2 months in Cabo—- consider spending a few minutes in complete solitude and silence. Alone with yourself - your best friend (hopefully). The secret is - your subconscious mind is very susceptible to suggestion in those precious moments upon awakening. You can use the power of your subconscious mind to work for you by the use of positive affirmations! Positive self-affirmations are in in fact a form of hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can spend this time preparing your mind for the day. Or simply simply program yourself for a happy day!

3. Set Priority and Complete the Most Important Tasks on Your List First

Hardly anyone does it! We, as human beings, loooove to procrastinate! And even if no one sees us procrastinating, we, ourselves, deep inside know that we in fact DO procrastinate. But we are also in denial about it because we fill our lives with busy work making the appearance of a super achiever. Yes, we lie to ourselves. And we love it. We keep the most important things on the list, and transfer them for another to do list for tomorrow, then for another week, then we take it off the list because by then it becomes unimportant and we, with great joy, place a new important thing on the list that will have the same fate as the previous important things. And then may be, just may be, one day, when we are ready we will get to it. But this creates nothing but internal stress and tension that can be avoided.

Identify the most important tasks and complete them first! As Brian Tracey says, "Eat that frog first." After completing the most important thing of the list you will feel more confident and and your self-esteem will go up. You have achieved something that you have planned.

These techniques save me so much time and minimize the stress of the day. You will be amazed how much you can actually accomplish in just one day!

What is your frog of the day?

written by: Dr. Yana Greenberg

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