Preparing for Love

Preparing for Love

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Preparing for love Preparing for love

Magic is afoot as we move into one of the highest frequency months of the year! Can you feel it? The heaviness of January has been melted of and we are now in a love expansion time! Wha hoo!

As we begin to clear the decks for higher frequencies of love coming to us I am drawn to a song I composed years ago:

Love comes too slow

Love comes too slow for those who wait To find the mystery concealed Days turn to weeks And months to years Still flow the solitary tears

Though every now and then we glimpse at cupid's hand And in the magic and the wonder do we land

Rich flower gardens fill our hearts With luscious blossoms full expanse For ever soul to find their mate We must embark upon the dance

In time we'll meet love face to face From life to life With hope and grace And if by chance we find that one Who loves us always as we are

Now take your heart in your own hand Embrace the gentle lover of the plan That precious love will find you where you stand The love of spirit earth and man.

I'm on a couple of the dating sites, though not active, with the little one needing so much, yet I do hold the notion love will find me, that God has made a special someone just for me and no circumstances of life will keep us apart. I was asked what am I looking for in a man, that was so easy to answer:

I am looking for the feelings I get with him, to feel he's totally charmed and enchanted with me. Loved, nourished, cared for, protected, he honors my brilliance and has his own brilliance. He's confident and self assured, kind not only to me, but to the many. Spiritual, believes in God, and that miracles happen daily. Comfortable with travel, loves fatherhood, enjoys sensuality and sexuality at the right and appropriate time, has a big picture view of life and isn't in a rush. He's stable and enjoys spontaneity. I feel safe, warm and happy when I'm with him or think of him, it fuels my joy and ability to contribute and be a wonderful mommy. I really love his feel, his presence and am happy to be with him. He attends church with me and my child. I'm looking for the bookend to my family LOL the Divine Partner who knows he was meant for me, and I know I was meant for him. We make magic and wonder together and change the world through our loving.

Are you in love? Do you have faith and believe in love finding you? What holds you from full saying yes to love?