“Proof Positive of Quantum Hands on Healing”

“Proof Positive of Quantum Hands on Healing”

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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"Quantum Healing is One Thing that Modern Medicine Does Not Have"

At one time, not long ago, when we got ill we went to see the shaman the village, the tribal healer, the high lama and other healers. And from there the healer would do some rituals over the herbs he prepared.

Healing with the Healers of Old

Yes, that is right, back then when we went to see a healer, the healer would ask Mother Earth, God, and Great Spirit and Pachamama to instill healing power into the herbs that were given to the person for their healing. And there was a palpable change in the herbs that made them work in amazing ways. Nowadays, we are so scientific that we have forgotten our roots. And the fact, that there are things going on which are outside the realm of modern medicine.

Multiple Personality Disorder and Different Diseases

Take for instance a woman who has multiple personality disorder (this is a true story that is well documented). And she is 34 years old but in one personality she has diabetes. In another personality, she is going through menopause and her hormones were completely different, and in another personality, she is completely healthy and normal. I fact, it's interesting that most people don't even want to talk about this... let alone think about what this could mean.

Proof of Energy Being Given off by Hands on Healers

In reality, we have proof positive that energy is being given off from the hands of hands-on healers. Studies were done with healers using a gamma camera which is used for nuclear medicine studies. And low and behold, they could see and record gamma energy being emitted from the hands of the healers.

Plants Thrive With Hands on Healing Energy

In other studies, healers were asked to give hands-on healing energy to small plants over a period of a week. All the plants were in plastic boxes... so no heat or anything else was being transmitted to the plants. And they had control plants that did not have the healers transmit energy to them. And every time the plants that received the healer's energy grew taller and faster than the control plants.

Don't get me wrong, modern medicine is great, I fell and broke my foot and needed surgery... and now I am walking like it never happened. But what about all of this... most of us never even think about any of it?

Studies Positively Show We are Quantum Energy

Studies show, that we are nothing more than quantum particles that are flashing in and out of existence... in fact, we have quantitative positive proof of this. And we also know that different types of energy can influence quantum particles as they change and morph in the blink of an eye.

Integration into Modern Medicine

Perhaps it's time that modern medicine integrated what ancient healers have known for thousands of years. That everything has consciousness, that everything is alive, and that everything can be influenced by energy.

All the great healers have been telling us this for thousands of years.

But are we listening?

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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