Prophetic interferences YOU can STOP!

Prophetic interferences YOU can STOP!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Prophetic Prophetic

I just know this is part of life. For everyone. We do it to people we love and people we're disappointed with, we experience it from many sources and it just sits there in our field and aura reducing our effectiveness.

So whether you know who in your life is responsible for predicting you would do amazingly well, that you would take all the right steps and become a runaway success or that you would fail miserably, perhaps never find love or never amount to anything? Do you need to use this stuff for moving yourself forward?

I've thought of this so much the past week. Maybe you had a strong will and your Dad said to you you're so stubborn no man will ever put up with you. And then you found yourself marrying total mismatches you're a priestess and you marry a muggle who could never really get you, and you did it out of defiance, see I can marry...only to really prove the point you didn't marry for love and great partnership you married to prove your father wrong.

I've been wondering how prophecy puts this crazed force of defiance in the space, like you'd have to really use force of will to an extreme in many cases to move the dial and get a result, but when anything is done from defiance, sheer will, it misses a blessing you are meant to have from something created from the love wisdom frequency.

Prophecy is an artificial illusive lie that you have in some way been in agreement to. You've used it to propel yourself forward against unrighteousness and to push yourself out of something intolerable perhaps, but do you still need this stuff to move yourself forward? Isn't it time to just create out of commitment and right order. Naturally, beautifully with great momentum and consistency, in grace and ease.

Honestly, from my background there was really no predictions of my success. I didn't speak till I was 5, was told by my mother and her mother that I was an unlovable child. There was a lot of negative prophecy about me. My father said I

The nuts and bolts of this training will bring you a greater understanding of what this section of column 2 on the master chart means what kinds of issues it causes and how to clear. You'll learn: Here's the list we'll be developing a map of in our training:

  • What is a prophecy?
  • How does it get in your space and control your outcomes?
  • Can it harm, suppress or dominate you?
  • Does it sit in your aura and prevent good things from coming together?

Prophecy I for one and really ready to dive even more deeply into this problem energy. I'm looking forward to understanding and clearing these harmful, yucky not me prophecies completely out of my blueprint entirely knowing that everything I name, understand and clear brings me closer to my goal and strengthens my power and life here on this blue planet and I plan to help you accomplish the same thing!

  • Self-fulfilling
  • Destiny
  • Mother /father
  • Self-Deprecating
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather
  • PL proclamation
  • Broken hearted
  • Child PL
  • Spineless wimp
  • Teacher of emotion
  • Fated doom gloom
  • Strong hold
  • Religion Written
  • Broken spirit
  • Physical location