written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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Quantum spirituality, a look at the consciousness of the quantum; sub layers of manifestation within the atom.

Atomic particles, adhere to their divine disposition. Self manifesting and self perpetuating.

Quantum sub layers of the atomic particles I create the ability to manifest multitudes of possibilities, liberation, a substance of the solution.

These inherent levels allow choice and change, a consciousness, a substance of reflection.

Maintaining these dynamic choices and changes requires empowerment, a substance of compassion.

Quantum spirituality, empowers, a substance of compassion. Quantum spirituality, contemplates, a substance of reflection. Quantum spirituality, liberates, a substance of solution.

The 7th Principle of Quantum Mechanics is: particles move as a force of nature influenced by our belief system.

Our thoughts are interacting, as another quantum series of events.

Consciousness, an extremely high vibrational frequency, devoid of expectations.

Unconsciousness, an extremely low vibrational frequency, based on expectations.

Expectations; a mental frequency, perceiving thoughts as reality. Thinking; a vibrational frequency, internalized disturbing the natural


Meditating; reducing the disturbances of the mind, allowing extremely high vibrational frequencies, to be perceived.

Quantum spirituality; meditating to perceive compassion, reflecting on the soulution

The power of prayer; words used to address the divine are of the divine.

Words used to address the mundane are of the mundane. Mantra; contraction of air, into sounds re I presenting the divine. Words; made of of air, point to a concept or thing. Language; to identify the culture, written to transfer knowledge. Words spoken, can project an imaginary situation, called the future. Words; communicate feelings. Words; identify the world, a view point. Words; verbalized, used as actions of command. Words; thoughts manifested. Prayer; words used to address the divine. Meditation; listening to the vibrations of the divine. Yoga; a prayer of the body. Pranayama; listening to the breath, verses the mind. Prana asana; meditation on the body, through breath. Eloquence; re presenting the divine.

Being healed we realize how divine it is to share these gifts.

Now is the time, the light comes in, with this ability, the present IS the most functional place to be.

Making choices which were not understandable before, because NOW, there is an atomic solution.

Stepping into realty is a choice, finding you as the soulution, then there is no U in problem! NOW, you are the light, seeing reality, as the wisdom of experience, the ability to find the present, the most reasonable place to be!

NOW, a perfect day will melt away, day by day, we wake to another perfect day where the time is always, Now, a divine gift.

Past and future resolved make this day perfect.

Lack of grief: reality is visible and present.

Lack of suffering: reality is so joyful.

Lack of wanting: reality is so abundant.

Full of life, teaming with purposeless play, no action toward karma, not fighting to win, not suffering from losing, ReIsolved, it is all perfect.

Darma, liberation in action, freedom for everything. Vibrations resonating ecstasy, ecstatic beyond belief. Fulfilled because, there is no thing, Only Divinity!

Time/space are two non things MANifested as reality. Time based on the planets rotation is consistent, in an ever present

now, there is no past or future.

Day and night are both always happening reality is a consistent ever present motion, not dissected into fragments.

When the earth was flat, no one else was experiencing Now! Now, the entire planet is experiencing NOW as the same TIME?????

Space Based on emptiness between things is irrelevant: there are no things, only emptiness.

THINGS are MANifested!

Many things are Manifested in this ONE space, which is inside and outside of every THING.

Saturating, yet invisible, space a noIthing, responsible for all things, without space the compression would be unbearable. Without it the sun would Devour US.

Matter, an incorrect perspective of waves, based on time and space, which are both false theories.

Particles denote permanence, but particles are only a 'part' of a wave, waves are self manifested. their intensities vary, creating lightness and density, which appear as matter, by intensified energy.

Interaction with these waves, MANifests things, day after day.

Only on a perfect day, reality sets in where even the matter matters, call it consciousness! A tsunami to the psyche, overwhelmed by joy, underwhelmed with materialism.

Overjoyed by sharing, remorseful of greed, empowered to participate, liberated from manipulation, call it perfect, every day.

A simple reIsoulution, NOW reIsolved, elusive as water, present as rock, SoooooooooooSo hard to grasp, so easy to loose. Now contains every thing we know, and every thing we do not know!

Now, the state we strive to enjoy, where we thrive, re leased to the divine.

Now; a state, not of the mind.

This state is not political! This state is not religious! This state is not dis empowering!

This state is run on trust. This state is designed for truth.

This state is ever present, a state where liberty is an action, a state where obstacles can be removed.

A state where clarity is obvious, a state were we are creativity, a state where moving forward is not a charge, a state we do not have to move to, a state which builds a collective concept on wellness.

Now, comes from the un expected, there are no restrictions or blocks.

Now IS the mystery of life, what else is there to be!

Now Is not static or static cling, it is freedom incarnate.

Now Contains; all that has been, all that is, and all that will be!

Now, all containing, mostly dark matter, recycled matter, and a reI presentation of it ALL!

Now does not go away, get prayed away or swept away, Now, is given away! Now, the ever present gift, not to be earned or to be kept.

Now, dissolver and resolver, of time and space. Now, as natural as breath and as easily unseen but reImembers the

members, are atomic all filled with quarks. Now how? Need to know!

In the quantum before US, every thing was there, after US, every thing will remain.

Now, is a Divine game of change!