Quantum Transformation

Quantum Transformation

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Quantum transformation Quantum transformation

Quantum Transformation

Are you effective at clearing? Are you able to really clear and release during meditation? Could you have some blocks that may make meditation more effective? Just willfully doing meditation over and over and not getting the best results, may be corrected simply by clearing some family brands, labels and programs from your space so that you have the right, permission and ability to proceed with 100% effectiveness. And do you get good results when you're pumping and clearing in class with me but if you take on clearing a chart on your own without a replay, it seems to take an eternity to clear? Time to do a fine-tuning on your skills and abilities with quantum clearing using all quantum pump techniques.

In this 4-part training we'll be working on clearing charts for meditation and improving your effectiveness with your activations as you connect with charts and clear problem energies both for regeneration and full self-expression.

Here's what we are up to in your 4 weekly training sessions: Training One

Clearing your ability to be 100% effective with guided imagery that we use, fully able to connect into the quantum field of transformation while meditating, feeling fully present and aware as you progress through your quantum meditation experience. There are two areas we emphasize with this first program (1) Getting into and enjoying the progress of guided meditation, enjoying the journey and staying present through the entire journey without distraction and interferences pulling you away from your movement. (2) Making a fast and strong connection with the quantum field of transformation or the quantum pleasure field rapidly at the start of your meditation and maintaining that connection throughout the meditation.

Training Two

Following along the path of training one we continue to clear your right, permission and ability to enjoy profound meditation experiences. This time we'll be focused on removing negative influences from being 100% effective with your quantum field connection and transformation especially focused on family and religious blocks. We'll really clean house with soul family heritage memes and entitlement, projections and prophecies that hold you make from making the magic happen while in meditation.

Training Three

In this training I'll lead you in two special guided meditations to hardwire your receptivity and connection with my voice and the quantum field of transformation. You'll get a chance to practice listening and feeling into the field and than ask questions after each meditation getting great insight on any shifts you might need to make to consciously choose transformation through meditation in the quantum field of pleasure.

Training Four

Connecting to your charts, the process of the mind seeing and making the intention to clear, can sometimes be confusing and trip you up a bit. We'll walk through the process step by step, how the connection with the field is made with the mind and hand movement related to the clearing chart, and we will of course be doing a clearing chart on grounding your ability to fully comprehend and follow through on the clearing chart process with 100% access and ability to transform.

Support Materials – Articles How to Meditate Effectively

Studies show that after meditating people feel calm and peaceful. They display a heightened awareness and compassionate empathy. I like to think of these meditative results as evidence of an individual's refueled tank; he/she have successfully stopped 'slogging' through life, barely surviving from day to day, and come back as a stronger human spirit in a physical temple. What happens then when people meditate regularly? Consistent acts of greatness, generosity and kindness brought on by connection with their own divinity. Research shows that meditation permanently rewires the brain and increases the body's healthy hormones, lowers stress and improves immune function. In other words, your chemistry works better when you're taking control of your brain, sweeping out the cobwebs (negativity, noise, etc) and sitting in your control center every single day!

How To Be Unstoppable in Your Meditation Practice: Letting Go of Failed Behaviors

Avoid the hurried and scattered "grab a few minutes here or there" approach. When beginning a practice that will benefit you for a lifetime you need to make a commitment. Find a regular time each day you can devote to your spiritual growth, regardless of other demands or priorities. This may mean you wake up earlier every day to meditate for twenty minutes before the kids are stirring or routine responsibilities are calling (or prior to bed or during lunch time)? Consider what is best for you and commit to it for 90 days – adjust if necessary, but honor your promise to yourself. Give yourself a high level of permission to enjoy and experience your personal and spiritual growth!

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