Raise Your Frequency While Helping Others

Raise Your Frequency While Helping Others

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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You know some healers tend to pick up a lot of spiritual gunk while doing their session time. Helping others is a gift, one I would like to mentor you on.

First let me say that when you make a commitment to helping others you can go down in frequency, or rise to greater frequency heights. The difference is in the how you do it.

In a recent training we described match and imprint, and how they worked. When we match a person's lower energy to heal them, we take on their stuff. We are no longer in the high vibration. Lower vibrational matches bring on lower vibration interferences. So you may be asking Julie Renee how do I stop this? Pull your aura in, do not send your spirit into their body but read from the center of your head, and do not cord them. These are all things done when one incorporates empathy, . empathy is a match and can result in a harmful lowering of frequency as well as an accumulation of gunk from the person you seek to help.

If you want to help someone cleanly, read from the center of your head or from your muscle testing.

Next thing on my list to chat with you about is how big your aura is. Please pull your aura in. I just saw one of my former students who knows better teaching people to expand their aura out a block. You can if you want to do this for fun, but then pull it right back in close to your body. Think about what you are doing. He told the people he was teaching your good energy will magically heal everyone.


Yes, your good energy field will change them, spiritual interferences that were bothering them will come now into your aura and you may end up taking on their gunk. Yes they may feel alot better, but how do you feel? Nervous exhausted upset depressed? You just cleaned up their aura using yours and you became the vacuum cleaner. Please don't do this. One lovely Hawaiian lady came to a live training and had 1000s of interferences, she was taking them on every healing session she did.

You can quantum pump with permission to help them. You can keep your aura in and clear after every session if you are a hands on healer. I just ask you to be smart about this.

Your energy frequency goes up when you commit to helping others, and use properly and respectfully the quantum field to accomplish this. With permission always, so you do not take away the life lessons people gave themself to grow with in this life.

I'm bring all this up as we have begun the big clear out of spiritual interferences there are now 83 in the 1-8 category and a bunch more inthe 9-40. The mapping is intense and wonderful. We got through the first 6 in class one so you can still jump in do the replay and join this week as we tackled training two!