Receiving blessing from GOD, Can You?

Receiving blessing from GOD, Can You?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Kundalini Kundalini

Are you actually receiving all the blessings God is able to send your way? In and just prior to class this week I discovered two specific issues that were both a surprise to me, and an exciting awareness that we can now correct.

The first was the lost or dead twin, in medical terms called the disappearing twin. In our academy I found that a twin that lost its body typically went on to live out its life through the sibling that lived. This was caused by a devious change in the divine human blueprint by the alien Zetas. When I went to correct it so it would stop happening with children now being born, I had quite a fight on my hands with 5 Zetas blocking the transformation. I was able with the help of the divine to move the 5 Zetas and the programming out, after a significant force of will. I'll be rechecking that to ensure it holds in the coming weeks.

You might ask why they the Zetas were fighting so hard for this blueprint alteration not to change back? Because when a person has two spirits in their body there are many things that become weakened: The second thing I discovered was the lack of God's true blessing incorporated in human lives. Even if you're cleared to receive God's blessings, you're likely set with humanity at 7% able to receive. There were blocks in the Divine Human Blueprint I cleared. I found 13 but I think there's more to this story and the full restoration of God's blessings received, and hope to offer a special training on this where we devote real time to uncovering the extent of the issue and course correcting.

  1. Ability to fully own the body or regenerate.
  2. Ability to fully clear anything.
  3. The body information with two spirits becomes convoluted, making it more of a target for energy harvesting, as we have seen in Clearing Sleep Invaders and other courses.
  4. A person is never authentically just themselves, they seem to have a duo persona, confusing, undermining and keeping them out of playing big or full self expression.

With this recent full moon it did feel like the veil between realms was thin, and it also felt like there was some additional level of chaotic energies. All of this it feels will clear within three weeks.

I advised in class today, to hold firm to your plans and intentions, and have the "no matter what attitude" when life throws you some funky stuff. Stay focused on your intentions and don't slow your progress by becoming distracted by the funk, it's just a distraction. You can both enjoy life and make progress even in difficult times.


If we gave this vital energy, Kundalini, a persona it would be female in nature. Starting from the perineum, just as the first chakra, the root or base chakra goes down, the Kundalini rises up the spine, and when properly activated flows out the body and encircles the body with a luminescent green light, an ancient life force provided not from our Essence but from pre essence our perception.

It is a fascinating and very powerful phenomenon as we see how it plays out in 3 of the 4 areas of the Blueprint! The only energy empowering force we have discovered that reaches through so powerfully.


  • 92% Energy
  • 6% Essence
  • 2% Perception

Anchor of life force from conception rooted at base of spine. Originated from Perception delivered through Essence and experienced through our energy body!

You may also be interested to know that this has been with human kind well before chakras meridians and nadis, added to your blueprint just after golden rings human spirit access portal and aura. It was to assist in and help awaken the Divine in each of us.

Although we often see just one or possibly 2 strands of this powerful force arising it can be fully experienced with up to 8 glorious strands lof life enhancing bliss, when the practitioner is Divinely aligned and living their mission master in love.

Awaken your own spark of life gently and gracefully with blissful expert guidance.

A powerful part of your body's energy and a true initiatory life force is Kundalini. You have an energy that's always inside you. It's often raw especially when abruptly awakened. It deals with life and death, shock and trauma and is ready to be healed, cleared, restored and activated to it's magical state.

We know your life force is the energy from your Essence/spirit informing your body you are alive and full of life. Now we're recognizing Kundalini as from your Perception, the part of your older than spirit, the ancient gift of unique life force, much like a timeline, waiting to release the traumas of past lives so you can have this beautiful very blissful support as a part of you and your life.

I've heard many stories of suffering and pain when Kundalini is awakening improperly, under poor guidance. This is not going to happen in our training. I promise you a beautiful experience, one of joyful ease and access to more of your blissful potent power and energy.

27 years ago I attended a class on Kundalini offered at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. As the director watched my Kundalini come on, it flowed with great ease, a luminescent green dance of energy up the spine and enshrining my body with blissful delight. He assumed I'd done the class many times before. No other in the class including the guide had this experience. There were some tears, a sense of stuckness and frustration for many of the students diligently trying to shift up the access and enjoyment versus pain and suffering of their personal kundalini. Toward the later part of the 3 hours I started feeling the energy of jealousy and envy coming from other students. And frustration.

If you approach your Kundalini with a desire to awaken its power you want to activate your Kundalini, with your guide being someone whose Kundalini is fully open expressed and running beautifully. Your Divine Human Blueprint is taking cues from the one mentoring you. This is not book knowledge, you can't think it one and open. The open door to experiencing your Kundalini is in our quantum activations training. Very similar to the chakra programs people offer that miss so much of what is vital for the chakras, front and back and the communication between them, this requires mastery.

And by the way, in my mid 30's I had not in this life time worked on my Kundalini, but had mastered this in a previous life and brought it with me fully engaged. You too will maintain this mastery into future lives incarnated here in body, once you have created this freedom there is no going back, only expanding into my bliss and joy!

Kundalini class is taught in the quantum academy you can read more about it by going to this page