Resurrecting The Soul With The Universal Jesus Manifesto

Resurrecting The Soul With The Universal Jesus Manifesto

written by: Michael-Blu
by: Michael-Blu
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Love is not a secret to be kept, we're going public with it!, as public as a city on a hill, and now I put you on the hilltop, on a light stand. SHINE! Keep an open house, be generous with your lives, open up to others, in doing so, you'll prompt them to open up to love.

My heart and the heart of all living beings are the same. All created by the same divine source, entirely created through the same powerful energy, and all created with compassion and love. No matter what difficulties or disagreements you may have with someone, allow yourself to look deeper to see their humanity, and then look even deeper and see yourself, and even deeper and see Me. Let Me help you see that we are totally connected and we are all one from the same divine source. You can disagree with someone and have a conflict of opinion, but don't make the critical mistake of letting yourself dehumanize anyone. When you permit yourself to fall into that trap, you are making this person an other — other than you — separate. This is where division occurs and hate creeps in. I came to a hurting world and offered a fresh way of thinking that would unify all humanity and all that is. Please don't divide what was created to be one. Please don't allow your higher self to dehumanize someone because you don't agree with their beliefs. And please, please recognize that I am here, right now, by your side, reaching out My hand to help guide you through life. Hold My hand and walk with Me. I will help you experience the beauty and humanity in every individual that crosses your path. With Me you will begin to see yourself in the eyes of your neighbor and Me within yourself.

You are only here on this earth in this body for a very short time. Please take that very seriously. Your work on this planet is deeply significant to me. Every spirit that crosses your path is a divine life meeting I arranged for a very definite reason. Walk this path open to give and receive, learn and teach, and most importantly love and forgive. Every individual you encounter on this journey is an opportunity to grow by the lessons that person offers you. Pay close attention, listen very carefully, and see the deeper meaning. You will learn your most profound life lessons from the most difficult people in your life. The most important and valuable advice I can offer you about life relationships and self-protection boundaries is this: The moment you sense someone is demanding you to prove your worth, manipulate the truth, or bully and harass you — that is the moment you absolutely and utterly WALK AWAY — bless it, forgive it, and walk away. Do not ever allow yourself to be pulled down into the swamp of someone else's misery and darkness. Look to Me, focus on the light, listen to the small still voice within you, and trust that this is My voice — the voice of divine truth.

This moment in time is the only place life is happening. Life is only happening right here — right now. Allow yourself to be present in the fullness of who you are. Everything you need is already within you. Everything you are is enough. Moment-by-moment you are a beautiful offering to the world filled with truth and love. Be fully present and offer your overflowing cup to the world. All that runneth over is your gift to the universe and all that fills the cup is a priceless gift to yourself. Walk with me and I will show you how to live in the here and now.

Don't look to people in powerful positions to make decisions for you. Don't be manipulated to do things you wouldn't freely choose from a place of heart truth. Trust Me. I will guide you and teach you so that your decisions will always be good. My teachings are a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. Follow this Light and come with Me. I will show you the best way, the Heart way, the path of Truth that always leads to and from Love.

Do not fall prey to letting others define you. Their view of you is based upon their own spiritual, emotional and physical condition, not yours. It is a waste of your precious energy to concern yourself with what others may or may not think about you. It is much more empowering to see yourself through My eyes. Through My eyes you will see yourself as deeply and eternally loved. You will receive a profound sense of peace when you find yourself in My loving gaze. Through My eyes you will see your most authentic self based in truth and love.

It's in your personal truth that My light shines so bright – in your truth you will never be afraid to stand in the darkness – for darkness is only an illusion – when you are filled with truth, you are overflowing with My light – My light has the power to dispel all darkness. Find your truth and let My light shine through you and into the world – for the world.

"In the spirit of Jesus, let's join hands together, to help our neighbors, our friends, and our families who need us most. For in the end, when we close our eyes in this world and the light of the next appears, our lives are measured quite simply by the lives we've saved along the way."—Michael-Blu

Excerpts from The Universal Jesus Manifesto by Michael-Blu

Available everywhere books are sold early 2018

written by: Michael-Blu

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