written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
Follow-the-rules Follow-the-rules

The way we observe the quantum field, decides what we see, thus our belief system, determines the reality we experience.

What CONVICTION rules our life?

Rules - a set of explicit regulations governing conduct within a particular activity.

What rules our psyche?

Intellectual emotions; jealousy,
 greed, and manipulation, are ruled by the ego, to suppress security, compassion and independence.

The ego 
rides the psyche hard, wearing down constructive emotions; empowerment, compassion, and liberation. There is no medicine to alleviate this pain, only self awareness and self love. These are the foundation of the quantum.

The 'self' must decide what empowers 
and what dis-empowers. Utilizing the divine gift of choice. This decision, to give up our own personal delusion, is to regain self worth and self sufficiency. Only then 
does the souls brilliance, shed light on delusions, making them unbearable. Now decisions can be made to regain our 'self' and release the obsessions of fear.

Reinventing our self, 
by taking inventory of what is needed, and pursue these with will and intention to move forward.

Rule #1 
the depth needed to do this comes directly from the soul, natural emotions releasing pure bliss.

the saturation of emotions and the reflection of intuition, fulfills our emotions and stabilizes the present.

Radiant, intuition
 reflects on all possibilities. Emotionally, our soul is our love, invisible until,
 the right emotion awakens the celebration of our potential. Intuition,
 a reflection of experiences, that are trusted and true, the radiance of the soulution. Emotions, reveal the capacities of power, calm, disturbance, and reflection 
as states of being. Intuition; waits like a spark, for the right conditions to blast into a fury, only to settle down again, into the quiet of detachment.

a virtual view 
based on intuitive observation and emotional commitment.

blames the situation, we put our cells through! Seeing, accepts the choices we made to get to this place! Intuiting 'now'
as the place we need to be, while
the choices made to get here.

Knowing now rules, detachment, opens the door to abundance. The perceiver, receives the gift, moves forward. Escaped from the trap, of re-presenting something other than our self. This trap can be removed and replaced,
 with our own rules, 
which reverberate ecstasy, as peace of mind and fulfillment of the psyche.

written by: Al Duval

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