Sabbath and Re-evaluating What Really Matters

Sabbath and Re-evaluating What Really Matters

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Sabbath Sabbath

I really do love Sundays! It's a special day for us at the Doering house as we lolligag through the morning, playing, reading stories, bathing, making pancakes and fresh squeezed juice and then heading out the door for church. It's our Sabbath. A day to not work, to be present for each other and to put focus on family and our relationship with the Divine and nothing else.

It feels so good to take a break from the busyness of life and be at peace, to allow the mind to not be working on resolving or coming up with a new strategy, just dropping into a level of peaceful trust.

I've been trying on a concept that is very cool, breathing into it and imagining it to be true. What if everything was owned by the Divine, and we were just the caretakers of it until we left our body? How would stress, worry, feeling overburdened be different if that were true for you?

Years ago I helped care for a very wealthy gentleman who had had a serious stroke. He had great wealth, and full-time staff. After 6 years he passed. I was there with him, and left the room when his family needed time with his body. I went out to the waiting room and he followed me. As a matter of fact he kept following me. I finally had to tell him to leave (in a very loving way of course). He was not ready to leave the earthly plane and I was not prepared to have him 'haunt' me. Before he left he offered to pay me for my time. I said to him Nic, you don't have a body anymore I don't think that's going to work. But he thought surely he could get his hands on some cash, next day he showed up and said, yep you were right. He went on to have fun in Las Vegas he loved gambling and there of course are many ghosts there to hang with so he is good.

I bring this story up to say, his wealth is not really or was not really his. He had it for a time, and then it was gone. So what if we knew this on a deeper level. I remember a scripture passage from my childhood: The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

And then I think of the story of the king who gives gold to 3 of his subjects, each empowered to make good use of there gift. One buries their gift, one sticks it in the bank and the other goes out and ten times over increases it and uses it for good. The one who uses the gift is gifted even more.

So how are you using the gifts of this lifetime? Are you using them well? Or are they buried?

It's great to take stock of how well you are doing, not as a judgment, but as an opportunity. We miss so much goodness and abundant flow by our silly stubborn blindness. By holding too tight to ownership of small things, when something truly magnificent is waiting for us if we can just let go and trust.

All is well in my wonderful world no matter how things may seem to appear.