Seek Support

Seek Support

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
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Hello and welcome again, so nice to have you here.

Sharing my poem SEEK Support...and also a quote from Cheryl Richardson

"Expect Help.A divine power more

magnificent than anything else that exists on

the planet is ready to support our every move.

Cheryl Richardson

My Poem SEEK Support

Sometimes we need help

Its not weak

Its not stupid

There's a time for asking

As we are always

Learning through life

"Ask and you shall receive"

Lovely words

Feel free to be vulnerable

It can open doors

Releases fears

Be like a child

Inquisitive but open

"Where can it lead you?

So many opportunities

A way to knowledge

A way to Success.

And so it is

By Margie Kugler copyright 2018