Self Pity and the Blossoming Red Bud Trees

Self Pity and the Blossoming Red Bud Trees

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Self pity Self pity

How conscious are you of your self-pity patterns? What is your history of stepping into self-pity in your life? How have you used self-pity patterns; and how has it served you in getting what you want in life?

I was recently doing some work for a client; and realized how important it is to address what happens when we are in this pattern. For some it is a pattern that can literally cost them their life. So many, myself included, use this pattern to get things they want in life. Fortunately, I have stepped out of it; but like many it was a programming I picked up early on in life.

Many people have used this pattern to get attention; especially when they are not feeling worthy, or their confidence and self-esteem are running low. Most passive-aggressive people use this pattern to both keep control and to get acknowledgement for their accomplishments and to establish their value in the world with others as a result for getting past tough times. Alot of people slip into this pattern and are completely unconscious that they are doing this.

Now, I don't want to discount the challenges in life; and the strength it may have taken to overcome circumstances. As a Coding Interpreter, and someone that has been through a fair amount of challenges in life; I thoroughly realize that we hit personal years and life cycles and have codes that can make it hard to tell when we are sharing experiences and wisdom; and when we are in a self-pitying mode.

In addition, society is a great contributor to holding people in this pattern. Let's face it the news is rarely reporting huge successes of compassion and love; but gives a ton of attention to the person in hardship and playing the victim. I frequently have seen the one upmanship in the "poor me" stories ; each out doing the other with a hardship.

Society has a tendency to reward the self-pity patterns. Also, the elite love people in this pattern since they are easier to control, and they perpetuate cycles of remaining a victim; which brings them to feeling more like a victim and more controlled by the elite and the material things in life. It is a self-destructive pattern in multiple ways.

So, to understand more about this pattern, let's look to the codes to show us what is happening with this. Self-pity codes out as the self that feels that it is lacking in happiness, success, or recognition; or may not be certain how to achieve success. As a result, it observes things from a variety of positions; and looks at things through the eyes of opposing sides gathering a ton of information. In doing this, it learns what to do, say, and share with others in order to find what it believes to be the gain it wants; even if that is a false sense of gain.

These codes come together in a way that is a call for assistance. It is a call to find the mentor and those that will provide success; and sometimes this can be at any cost depending on the space the individual is in. Unfortunately, in the self-pity pattern it often times calls in assistance at a very high cost; and leaves the person truly imprisoned to the one providing the assistance. In turn this furthers the self-pity pattern through being a slave to material rewards; and those that hold loans or offer assistance in order to gain instead of truly help.

The piece that I found very interesting though, was how the self-pity pattern connected to health. Now, this can have a different impact or show in different ways based on a person's own individual codes; but I will be addressing the general aspects of this connection here.

Health is an energy pattern that connects with and promises success and help from others. It promises a secure future and protection from those that are influential in the world. Is it any wonder, that there is a sore spot then when our water and food sources are poisoned with chemicals? A lack of health makes one even more of a slave to the material world and in a greater state of dependency - which cascades into probably every inhibiting pattern we have from self worth, to victim states, to insecurity, to lack and deprivation.

However, when we allow self-pity to surface in our life it creates a code pattern that most are not looking for. Among the many things in our energy field that self-pity might interact with, health is a key one; and certainly something that many have concerns with in life. Too often I hear people talking about having health issues that seem to emerge out of nowhere.

A couple of weeks ago I created a post that connected specifically being truthful and how it affects the Pineal Gland. Well when we are in self-pity, we not only contend with that pattern in relation to our health; but often times we are distorting the truth and in a way that sets off damage to our Pineal Gland in addition to other health aspects. So in essence, the self pity party has a cascading set of effects on our health.

So when self pity interacts with the health energy pattern we are thrust into an energy pattern of hidden danger, deception and treachery from others, being controlled and silenced by those that appear to hold our fate in their hands by having the power to cause us great difficulties. It truly creates and places us in a true victim pattern; and as we know when we are unable to express things, or expressing our voice creates hardships for us, the suppression also builds up great toxicity in our bodies.

When this happens we can see a whole variety of symptoms from minor acne and skin rashes through more severe things like Liver and Kidney issues, Heart Attacks and Strokes, Brain Trauma. Things may start as a little headache or forgetting things; or maybe you experience some simple indigestion. No matter what the severity is, the more that is suppressed, the more our bodies will shut down and stop functioning. For many, these lead to painful and debilitating health concerns as time goes on.

What may have started as a simple story to get some recognition or help, turns into what can be devastating or life threatening consequences. Imagine, however, if instead you simply spoke up to start with. Imagine if you simply sought out the help you needed, asked for guidance, and focus on understanding why you feel the need for recognition; and maybe even more importantly why aren't you giving this to yourself.

People are tired of the stories, the drama, and listening to people's problems. However, proactively stepping out of the self pity pattern and giving yourself what you need is a victory for you and inspiration to others. It becomes a story that people want to be a part of. If attention and recognition are what you want, then get it for doing something that truly benefits you and others. Be the person that takes their own course; and is a living example of moving past life's little speed bumps.

Spring in Indiana brings the blossoming of the Red Bud Tree. This tree does not tell a self pity story because it is shorter than the rest of the trees, or blossoms in Spring instead of Fall or Winter. Instead it showers the landscape with a brilliant color that is breathtaking. It does not look at the giant trees and say I am inferior and unable to grow because I am a Red Bud Tree.

It only focuses on it's own beauty. It focuses on drawing in health; and as a result, every Spring it splashes a color like no other tree does. So beautiful in it's own health that you just want to stop and pause and take in the beauty that it offers; and you want to do everything you can to support it in being that.

Take in the inspiration that it offers. Radiate your own beauty in the world instead of wrapping yourself in a blanket of self defeating stories. Be the brilliance you are, shedding your own breathtaking beauty; and radiating a health that gives you more than you can ask for.

Have you ever paid attention to the true results you are getting out of self pity patterns? Are you willing to step out of these patterns in order to give yourself true health and abundance in life? Have you ever thought about how that story you are telling is inhibiting the very thing you are trying to get?

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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