Shifting towards a new beginning

Shifting towards a new beginning

written by: Sudie Crouch
by: Sudie Crouch

Today is Christmas Day, which means this time next week, we will be sitting on the other side of 2016 and in the first day of 2017.

I, like many, am ready for this year to be over. 2016 has been challenging in many, many ways. It had no choice—it is a 9 year. In Numerology, 9's mean endings and completions. So this year saw a lot of things falling apart, particularly on the relationship front where friendships/partnerships may have ended rather abruptly after years of association. And, let's not forget that right here at the end of this shithole of a year is Mercury Retrograde...but more on that in a bit.

Part of any ending is a new beginning. Often, we have to get through the negative, painful crap so we can be moved to where we need to be for something awesome to happen. I know—it sounds like a load of BS, right? Why can't we just move to the good stuff?

I get it, I do. We don't want to hear that, do we? I had a reading a few months ago with Holly Tagg and she told me that was what I was experiencing. I was essentially tearing down the paradigms, moving beyond the things I had focused on that were not important, and moving towards building the real foundation I needed. But why does that mean so much tearing down?

Well—sometimes, we have years and years (maybe lifetimes, even) of erronous thinking, paradigms, beliefs, etc. that we have to purge before we can get started. That poverty consciousness? You have to get rid of that. The idea you are a victim? You've got to shake that shit off. The notion you aren't worthy or deserving? Shed that.

And sometimes, we can't do that with the people in our lives. I know there's been a lot of relationships ending this year because I have had a few end, too. It hurts to end friendships sometimes...we share our dreams, hopes, and fears with our friends so when they end, it can be painful. But sometimes, we wouldn't be put on track to where we needed to be if we didn't end them. Those relationships can put limitations on us that we may not realize at the time. We may be trying to please them, we may be scared of what they may think, or we may fear backlash or loss of love or affection if we live life on our terms. So sometimes, we have to break free of them in order to move forward.

Other 9 endings could be job endings or changes...seeing things dissolve that had before looked rock solid. These shifts happened, too. But, if we didn't have those shifts sometimes, it would not give us the freedom or the push to do what we need to do to pursue something else—something better. That's not saying these changes/shifts didn't cause confusion, pain, or turmoil. They did. It is a matter of learning how to navigate these changes. With a 9 year, navigating these changes may make one feel like a chaos theorist in most regards, and that would be a pretty accurate way to describe it. The unpredicatablity of a 9 year can be prove hard to figure out.

Thankfully, after a 9 year, we will have a 1 year. 2017 will reduce in Numerology to a 1...which means beginnings, creating, and uniting. Expect the coming year to be one that is full of new ideas, inventions, and a sense of cohesiveness. (Why unity? Because it takes TEAMWORK to get things started.) This will be the year that we begin the rebuild process from the emotional, spiritual, metaphysical destruction that had to take place in 2016. We may not see it all come to fruition but we will lay a solid foundation.

Remember how I mentioned Mercury Retrograde? The Messenger planet went retro on the 19th of December (my birthday, ironically) for the fourth time in 2016. Usually, we have just 3 Mercury Rx periods but nothing has been normal about this year, least of all in an energy standpoint. And Mercury did this as Solstice/Yule, Christmas, and the New Year was all about to occur. Why? Because this is giving us a rare and unique opportunity to reflect on what we learned this year. The pain, the things we released, what we had to let go of....all of that needs to be reflected on in this final week and especially over this retrograde period. (Sidenote: I am not an astrologer ~ at all ~ I just am mindful of how we can work with these energies and the role they can play in our experiences. If you are wanting to know more about your personal chart, or even how this retrograde can affect you, check out Deah Curry's work. She is the astrologer I go to...often!)

As we release this year, think about how you want 2017 to go. What changes do you want to see happen? Start thinking about it and start working towards that beginning you want and put some steps in place. If you need some guidance, remember I am here to help as an intuitive life coach. Even if you don't work with me, I hope you will follow my blog, connect with me on Facebook, or join my group for tips, tools, and more to help you have a more empowered experience in the coming year.

And stay tuned...there will be more blogs in the (near!) future about how we can manifest our intentions and what we really need to remove our obstacles in the coming year!

Wishing you a blessed and empowered holiday season!