Shiva the dance of life

Shiva the dance of life

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
Mini shiva Mini shiva

SHIVA, the lord of dance, 
the ever – present, 
the space in atoms and galaxies, the expansive quality of evolution, the intricate weaving of time and space.

The ways this can be understood are as endless as the number of atoms in all the galaxies, because this is the divine allowing expansion. Consciousness, an ever present dance, in which we are the present dance partner. Every day at the beginning, new, 
the universe lets go, the ego holds on.

A quality of life, allowing 
a need to be dissolving, 
a thing of beauty. The trees dance, the ocean waves, the earth rolls over life re-solved. The knower
of the universal laws, can utilize these laws, for the welfare of all men.

There are do's and don'ts! The do's
make the connection to the universal law. The don'ts
inhibit the welfare of the karmic player. Utilizing these universal laws, the mind and the ego fall into the bigger picture. To find functional processes, to promote the well being of the planet, with the wisdom of peace.

Some things do work, 
attending to the cosmic family, is a reward. There is no need to search, the gift is ever present. Breathe,
 breath is the gift we all share, being stingy the ego thrives. Staying still long enough to let the gift sink in. Let go 
of restrictions, of expectations. Dharma, the gift, the outcome is the purpose, the big picture.

not an eye for an eye, but 
learning to see from every perspective. Some things don't work; envy destroys our heart, gossip destroys our brain, fear destroys our celebration, suffering forgets sexuality -
the spiritual surprise of our life, delusion over shadows 'now', 
the space/time of higher consciousness.

The 5 don't's,
 the obstacles we encounter, to gain strength. Once the don'ts are DONE, the 5 do's excel. Now, our breath is the key, our imagination is the seed, our joy is the planting, our participation is growth, and our life is the fruit. The abundance of the earth is enough 
for the collective well being. The energy needed to care for the earth is celebration.

There are the universes laws!

the abundance of the earth, reveals 
a practice called compassion. Utilizing the abundance 
for the well being of the family, provided by the universe.

Our familiar family,
 high lights our personal configuration with their ups and downs and 
their round and rounds.

The purpose for the cosmic family, reveals our core and center. Going off center,
 the periphery attaches us, to a place already taken. The choice, to return to center, comes from reason.
 The choice to take over comes from greed.

Giving will move you on! Brilliance and reflection are the resources divined within the temple, in which the soul resides. Brilliance 
to participate with delight, realizing the experience is designed to delight the soul.

These resources are from the source and return to the source, atomically.

 the past and future, can be virtualized, before a disastrous delusion destroys the vision.

Relying on these natural resources, we become the dance of the divine, expressing our truths, moving with the source, for experiential wisdom. The higher we reach, the higher we get, until we see through our delusion, seeing Universal abundance is a gift of nature. Knowing what this nature is, binds allies and sharpens men. Seeing removes the past, being removes the future. Having a bird's eye view 
of the big picture, clears the confusion of wanting.

Removing wanting, clears the mind and frees the soul, not looking for more, enjoying the fullness. The Dance of Life.

written by: Al Duval

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