Simplicity is Underrated

Simplicity is Underrated

written by: Mrs. Deb Hawken
by: Mrs. Deb Hawken
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Life is best lived like a jigsaw puzzle, take a little knowledge and inspiration from here and there, and build it into the unique you-mindset. One important piece of this puzzle, dare I say vital piece, is simplicity.

People often mock simplicity, giving many complex reasons why life is full of challenges and struggles, and telling you why no one can live the life of their dreams. Dreamers are laughed at as being unrealistic. Yet did you know that one of the greatest blocks in life is complication, because the harder a challenge is to solve the less likely you are to solve it. Then you can remain in your discomfort zone and keep reminding yourself how very hard it would have been to create change.

What is the point of fearing change if you are unhappy? Shouldn't you be more scared of remaining unhappy for the rest of your life, with things maybe getting worse? The answer to that question is obvious. The idea that I could still have been with my ex husband and recently celebrated my 39th wedding anniversary fills me with horror. Divorcing him wasn't easy, in fact it cost me my entire family and about 48 friends, but oh my gosh it was worth it and I'd do it all again.

However, if you really want to solve the challenges that are preventing you from being happy, the best way is to bring the situation down to its component parts. To the basics of what actually is wrong. I once argued to a counsellor that there was no such thing as "black, white, and various shades of grey", saying that the various shades of grey are the emotions that we apply to a problem, but at the bottom of it there is always a simple, straightforward truth. Once you boil the issue down to that simple truth you will realise how much easier it becomes to solve a problem.

Either you are or are not happily in a partnership. Sort-of-happy either works for you or it doesn't. You can either bear with the wrong career or you can't. You like your house or you don't. And so on. Get to those simple truths, ignoring everyone else's opinions and erasing all complicating factors, and you will know exactly what you need to do. Of course life can be complex, of course one situation impacts another. For example, you may be unhappy in your partnership but you may decide to stay for five more years to allow the children to be a little older and more able to cope. You may dislike your career but have to do some retraining in your spare time before you can move on.

Making a decision doesn't mean that you have to carry it through at once. Often you have to work out the stages of solving a problem and take them one step at a time, but the first state is always total commitment to solving the problem in your own time, at your own pace, in your own way. And the second commitment is not to lie to yourself by pretending you're doing something when you aren't. Be aware of yourself, aware of your thoughts, aware of how those thoughts impact on your life, and keep everything as simple as possible.

Then you will begin to realise that simplicity should be worshipped and those who wish to complicate everything are in fact afraid of change - and trying to persuade you to be the same. If you want help with your simplification then check out my profile, I'm here to support you to achieve your dreams.

To your happiness


written by: Mrs. Deb Hawken

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