written by: Mr. Dick Sutphen
by: Mr. Dick Sutphen
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Because life has become so complicated, many people seek to simplify their existence in order to escape some of their pressures. It is comparatively easy to have few possessions and to be content with less. Many saints and gurus have chosen this path. But outward simplification isn't an answer unless you can change inwardly.

Your mind is a complicated network of interlocking and timeworn beliefs that are creating your current reality. When you can attain freedom from these beliefs you will experience simplicity, because what you are internally always manifests externally. As a simple person you would see much more directly than a complicated person, and you would become more sensitive to your surroundings, to the world, and to the problems that must be resolved.

One example of simplifying a problem in your life would be to find a simple solution to a problem that you have not been able to find a solution to. In our lives, Roberta, having been a chef, wants to cook nutritious meals for us but found that she didn't have the time with everything else she was doing. Our first solution was to go out to eat, sometimes two times a day. This idea ended up costing her more time, so her initial solution was still complicating her life. Lily, Roberta's Guide pointed her to an ad for organic meal home-delivery, which ended up being a very simple solution for us.

Krisnamurti said, "Our problems—social, environmental, political, religious—are so complex that we can solve them only by beingsimple, not by becoming extraordinarily erudite and clever."

What is one thing you can do today to make your life simplier?