Slow and steady means permanent transformation

Slow and steady means permanent transformation

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Tortoise Tortoise

How often have you gone for a big shift, done some huge effort and 6 months later found you'd back slide a whole lot more than you wanted to? I'm thinking about a goal I've had for a few years to slim down to my late 20's weight. I could never seem to get below 133ish. But I persisted with my intention, lost a little ground while grieving, and got back on the horse with my intention and what do you know, I saw my scale at 129 this week!

I'm fitting nicely in my clothes and feeling happy to have moved the dial after much clearing work and intention. The weight for me was about eating the right food combinations at the right times. I actually think I eat more now, and certainly more calories than I did in the past.

I don't think everything comes together quickly. Oh sure I've had my big miracles: return from the dead twice and did what no doctor could have imagined by healing myself beyond medical comprehension. That's all wonderful and good and I'm so grateful for the miracles I've been blessed with. I think though my everyday slow but steady transformations are just as exciting.

I weigh the least I've weighed in 15 years. I've likely done 2 dozen clearings on ideal weight, done different cleanses and flushes, all yielding good results, and now in this new phase of life, my body feels it's the perfect time to lighten up!

I think about my progressive intention to be a mother to children I could raise. Thirteen miscarriages and several failed adoptions, but here I am taking my little princess to her ballet classes, and therapy sessions very much in the mommy role I had imagined for so long.

The big white house on the mountain, 15 years in my imagination came true 4 years ago. What if I had given up on my dreams? What if when folks said it's been too long, or you're too old, or you'll never have the finances for that dream...what if I believed them and stopped imagining my fully self expressed life?

And you're likely saying yah but....but it's not like that, you think I'm magical and can make it all happen instantly, some things do happen fast. Some things take time. Do not give up on what you can imagine for yourself. What ever you can do or dream you can begin it! Boldness has genius power and magic in it!

I Believe in YOU!