written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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Emotionally driven, the only SOULUTION is SHARING the emotion of celebration. Celebration of the skills divined to us to create a state of mind based on trust.

The double edge of the mind, needs divine guidance, to see the justice exposed, comes directly from the heart, not the mind. Compassionate not merciless! Explore the depth of the heart, touch the soul!

Empower, care liberate! Do not avoid what is directly available, embrace it, and be stronger.

Adversity, the thing that makes us strong. Overcoming adversity, creativity thrives, using our inner drives. Which are inspired by our emotions and the need to prevail. The mind can throw off the whole picture by introducing our unworthiness.

A sad mind game we play on ourselves, only seeing the moment was divinely inspired, not as a test, but to strengthen us to attend to our deepest needs.

Wisdom comes to warriors of life. Differentiating our warrior from our inner child, compassion and clarity, become tools not weapons. Discerning the warrior takes the reigns, using control of clarity and emotional commitment, to move in sync with the divine.

Control and commitment are the tools used to manifest our most natural tendencies, as far back as they may get pushed, the return to nature secures the child and fulfills the warrior. There is no deception in the nature of nature. It was, is, and always will be a mystery.

Aware of moving forward requires going into a plane not yet entered. One where the divine intervention requires an action on our part. The action can only be manifested using choice and determination. Determined there is a place in the big picture for our peace.

Interacting with the divine is a craft, which all others replicate. Revolve, resolve, evolve.

Single focused, the center of a circle, the hub of a wheel, singing a song. Eloquence., knowing the entire process and each individual part. Unified with the process divine results are manifested. Separated from the divine is only a figment of the mind. The divine is the foundation of time and space.

Seeing the point, the center, the hub, the rest falls into place. Our need to grow, to nurture, to become one with the SOULUTION. Getting the point!

written by: Al Duval

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