Source vs Resource

Source vs Resource

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
Source Source

Earth, mother of our elemental makeup. is the closest planet to us.

Mater, mother, equals matter, an interaction of primary elements, which combine to manifest her abundance,

and dissolve back again into primary elements.

The energies of earth, matter , water, air , and fire, interact, their purity disallows combining,

retaining their neutral formulas of primal energy.

Matter assembles and disassembles into formulation by our minds creativity.

The matter of the mind is not to destroy the creation, or the creator, but to breathe with the creation.

The matter of the heart nurtures the vessel with the essence of water, in tidal waves of emotion or as pools of rejuvenation.

The matter of the moment, sees the elemental need to glow, combust rearranging matter and light, to persist, fire and determination are the will of nature

Over 180 million tons of toxic waste are dumped Into world's oceans, rivers, and lakes each YEAR! ! ! ! ! !

How can we continue to be so OFFENSIVE to our MOTHER?

written by: Al Duval

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