Spiritual Parasites and Pests

Spiritual Parasites and Pests

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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If you have ever had a migraine, you know it hurts. It has 'crazy' symptoms; flicking, blurred or poor vision, stabbing in parts of the brain, extreme light and sound sensitively, nausea, weakness to name a few. Doctors are ready and willing to prescribe the latest in migraine control medication, but are at a loss as to why this happens.

Some link the phenomenon to changing chemistry and stress, and I fully agree to these notions but the actual pain, and suffering comes from the spiritual parasites and pests, Jesus way back in his day was casting out and helping people to return to themselves.

In each of these situations, a person will say about themselves: "I am not myself" "I feel over taken", "it's weird I am not moving my legs something else is doing it." The panic comes over me all at once for no reason, I feel I can't catch my breath"

WEIRD is a good word to signal this is an invasion of a sort and with help you can once and for all free yourself from the troubling energy invaders who are at fault for your problems.

With each of these 3 issues I want to encourage you to develop some healthy habits that will help you won your body more, and have less of this 'stuff' show up.

Step one is to follow a guided meditation daily that has you clear and own the power centers of the body, as well as getting your spirit fully filling out your physical body. An excellent choice from my many meditations is Dynamism. Understand that you've had unwelcome guests your entire life, and now it's time to really take charge and have you take back your body. They've gotten used to being there, think of them as squatters they've got to be kicked out and then you need to own the spaces they've hung out in.

Step two "This is Not ME" Affirm this anytime you feel a sudden onset of pain, anxiety or irregular movement in the body that you did not originate. This is a subtle distinction and it is difficult at first to get, but once you really get, we'll be on the same page together and you'll be in better shape.

Allow me to explain: when you say I have a migraine, you have now owned it by saying "I have". This is giving full permission for the causer of the pain to stay and continue to run the cycle of pain. When you say I am experiencing pressure or strong pressure n my head but this is not me my brain is relaxed and vibrant every minute of the day, you have done something very powerful. You have now said I feel it but it is not me, I don't believe it has to be there; my natural state is always peace and vibrancy.

Let me give you an example, I was lifting weights and in a dance move I threw my right shoulder holding a weight up in the air and I heard it pop. Okay now my previous belief would have been I have caused pain, or I am in pain. The belief in pain would have brought spiritual parasites to the site, to increase and prolong the pain, possibly for weeks. But this time I said, that's not me my shoulder feels great all the time, for 5 minutes. And guess what? No pain, my shoulder quickly returned to normal.

Step three Let nature help you heal. The aura can develop holes and tares from which unwanted spiritual parasites can enter and have access to you, walking in nature, can begin to help the aura in it's natural healing process. It can also dramatically improve body chemistry and what I know is when hormones or neurotransmitters are off, you are more susceptible to and invasion. Think about the poor gals who suffer from PMS. I've heard them describe themselves as feeling like a Sniper...definitely not the woman in charge but an overtaking of her body as hormones shift. So get out in nature!

The path to full body ownership and a body free of pain is a combination of detoxing or clearing and nurturing and getting life in balance. The biggest detox you can experience is the 7-hour freedom from spiritual parasites and pest program.