Spring Theory - Part 3

Spring Theory - Part 3

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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Discovering access to the timeline that flows in a spiral motion though amplified emotion, spiritual acceleration and amplification is one of the most typical ways in. In the supporting field of amplification Humanity as a race has continued to experiment with time bending, shape shifting and altering experiences.

What history reveals is that the age we progress through, like the Piscean or Aquarian age brings special blessings and gift to master. In each era we are able to learn and own for ourselves if we are dedicated to the gift ~ a unique transformation that is supported by that era.

In this era, which is the age of androgony, the Aquarian age, our opportunity of transformation is to step into our 'Godself' and own the power of creation. Our cells alighten and awaken in the passage of our timeline in spiral direction. What is so exciting is that if the spiral and Godself skills are used properly an individual can release that which is embedded or stuck in the physical body, your etheric body or even your spirit. This transformation helps one push forward and evolve to the very best expression of self.

In this best expression of self we are the expression of God on the planet. With this kind of power that our thoughts progress out of our mind to become thought forms and ultimately turn into things. The law of attraction and amplification field empower our thoughts and worlds to become our reality. The I am expression from scripture declares what ever we say about ourselves is what we ultimately manifest in our life.

Now, more than ever we must guard against negative thinking and move towards focusing on that which is beautiful, filled with grace, love, charity and compassion so that what is generated from our field is supporting our efforts to evolve.

When a sadness, grief, frustration or anger surface ~ it's a perfect opportunity to release and let go. As you clam your power of love and peace you let the divine guide and transform your essence to your pure essential nature. There is an incredible power in knowing that you are here as the full and complete expression of all good. You are the expression of God in physical form. You are here for love, joy and for bliss. You are here to manifest your version of God living and fulfilling full self expression.

What I've learned from my own challenging life is that the things that you suffer through are the things that are not real. This may sound odd, you ay say no they are real my pet died, my husband left me, I was fired from my job and have been out of work for sometime...yes this is part of the 'reality' what I call the game on the planet. But there is indeed a higher dimension, where this suffering makes sense as part of the unfolding plan of awakening. You move out of suffering rapidly if you give no energy to the problem but only focus on and praise all that is right in your life.

You can choose to energize the problem for as long as you need, and you can put an end to suffering rapidly by stepping up to a higher version of your plan. If you believe in and came to know except pain and suffering as a definition of self, than declare; "this is me, I am my pain, I am the abuse, I am what was done to me, I am the illness that I survived, I am the problem you cast a powerful spell upon yourself which you will live in until you are ready to let go and experience union again with the Divine.

By putting aside the struggle or pain and saying: "I am a radiant being of light" "I am fully capable of transforming and healing anything that surfaces", "I am one with the Divine"you will speak a powerful truth into a reality and move into the vibration of enlightenment.