Stop Holiday Financial Madness

Stop Holiday Financial Madness

written by: Yolanda Vargas Perera
by: Yolanda Vargas Perera
Holiday financial stress Holiday financial stress

It's not just in the shopping malls or online. It's inside of us, in our Mind-Body system.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is officially the start of the Holiday Season. Festivities aside, it may not just be too much turkey and stuffing that might be giving you that feeling of indigestion and pervasive, non-identifiable anxiety.

It may be the anticipation of breaking the bank (yet, again) to provide holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

Based on the results of the latest research poll from American Research Group a non-profit, behavioral science think-tank organization, located in Manchester, NH, "2017 Christmas Gift Spending Plans Close in on $1,000...Shoppers around the country say they are planning to spend an average of $983 for gifts this holiday season, up from $929 last year. Planned gift spending for 2017 is $54 above spending in 2016."

And these numbers are based on planned spending. Actual spending could be even greater based on impulse buys, irresistible deals or last minute purchases "just in case".

Considering what this country has been through this year with 3 major hurricanes, wildfires and other emergency situations, these numbers are a lot extra for many to come up with this month and the numbers seem to be growing as per the data.

And if you have children, the holiday finances are even tougher to swallow.

According to investment website, The Motley Fool ( "Newly released T. Rowe Price data confirms that parents are spending an average of $422 per child on holiday gifts, with 34% of parents spending $500 or more per child."

How are these parents making ends meet, their kids' holiday dreams come true and trying to keep the Holiday Spirit as well as their expanded Holiday budgets afloat?

Continuing from "Worse yet, an alarming number of parents are putting their finances at risk to make their kids' holiday wishes come true. An estimated 25% are taking drastic measures such as withdrawing money from their 401(k)s, dipping into their emergency savings, or taking out payday loans in order to purchase holiday gifts. And while a fair number of parents understand the importance of creating a holiday budget, a good 58% of families fail to actually stick to one."

Holiday madness isn't just found in the Black Friday Sales or Online. It's not just on the polished floors of the shopping malls. Again, it's inside of us in our Mind-Body system.

As a former stock market analyst, I learned that this "madness" is the driving force behind the financial markets. It is so powerful it creates the highest highs as well as the crashing lows we see reflected not only in the global financial markets, but also in our everyday lives, even if you do not invest on Wall Street.

You are still affected every day, and during the holidays even more so.

Yolanda, what is this madness you may ask? The answer can be found in the words of the popular Aerosmith song... "Sweeeeeeeet Emoooootion...." And if you'd like me to say it clearly it doesn't get any clearer than this:

Emotion; in a nutshell is the madness that drives the largest global financial markets, and affects every single person on the planet right down to every penny you make and spend, to how often you spend it and what you spend it on.

As I said before, this madness is deeply programmed in our Mind-Body system. It's not just what you were taught and modeled as a child, it can be generations deep, shaping our overall attitude about money itself, beyond our conscious reasoning.

This is why we spend outrageous amounts of money during the holidays that we would never consider during any other time of the year.

All of our efforts to be financially responsible during the entire year are completely sabotaged in a surge of emotional responses to the holidays, and we have little if any willpower left. This behavior is exactly the reason why the average cost of the holiday season is forced higher and higher each year.

However, if you can't find the funds to make the Holiday magic happen, this too is loaded into your Mind-Body system. This can lead to significantly increased levels of stress with feelings of panic and anxiety or can result in feeling stuck, frozen or even anger and resentment. These feelings left untreated can lead to a prolonged sense of shame, worthlessness and defeat occurring in cyclical loops and even result in a case of deeply seated depression.

It does help to remember that the source of these feelings can also be generations deep. Even so, nobody wants to live that way.

If you are reading this and nodding your head, you are not alone.

I believe that it's time to stop the Holiday Financial Madness that results in withdrawing from retirement funds, taking payday loans or worse,getting another credit card. These are temporary fixes that in the long run harm our financial health and wellness long after the gifts have been unwrapped, after the lights and decorations have been put away, after the meals have been finished and after all the parties end.

When you understand all the ways that your emotions are intertwined and interfering with your money, you'll want to stop these painful mind-body connections immediately.

Thankfully there is now a powerful and effective way to do this.

As a Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach, I help people who are struggling with achieving financial peace of mind, release the blocks in their mind-body system that are stopping them from having the financial health that they deserve, so that they can achieve the life experience they imagine for themselves and their loved ones, this time from a place of strength and stability rather than stressful reaction, pressure and emotion.

My unique qualifications to do this work powerfully and with rock solid results are 15 years of experience in the Financial Industry culminating as Vice President of Marketing for one of the nation's most prestigious stock market analysis firms. And perhaps even more importantly, a lifetime of personal experience in this area struggling and suffering internally as a result.

I don't want anyone to have to struggle like I did, trying to function in Financial madness for one moment longer than they have to.

I am now thrilled to offer private and group coaching classes online and in person through my website at

Don't let financial stress ruin your holiday experience, this year, next year or any year thereafter. It won't be any different until you make the deep changes now to your Mind-Body system to ensure your complete transformation.

And that's a New Year's Resolution worth making.

To your peace of mind through your financial healing and success,

Yolanda Vargas Perera

Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach

CEO, and

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