Summer Provides Great Feng Shui Energy

Summer Provides Great Feng Shui Energy

written by: Pat Heydlauff
by: Pat Heydlauff
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Whether attending a summer art festival, a country fair, being sequestered in your favorite mountain retreat or spending the day at the beach or the shore of your favorite lake, the Feng Shui energy is great. Every one of these locations is filled with all five of the elements so important for balance and harmony in your life. That is one of the reasons we feel so much better in the summer than other times of the year.

The five basic elements that make up Feng Shui energy are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These elements are found in nature in perfect balance in order to supply our planet with the proper energy to turn on its axis, revolve around the sun plus warm and cool the planet as the seasons change. We humans are also in need of daily doses of each of these elements to maintain our balance and be properly energized.

While in summer's great outdoors, it is easy to obtain all elements and let them nurture our bodies. The water element comes from the oceans, rain, lakes, rivers and melting snow. The wood element surrounds us everywhere we look in the form of trees, plants and grass. Equally the fire element warms us from the sun's rays and the earth element we touch with touch with every step we take while outdoors. The metal element might be a little harder to see on the surface but it too is everywhere we look in the form of cars, trucks, airplanes, even the coins in our pockets. No wonder we feel so good while outdoors, our energy is in balance and being constantly fortified.

The balancing problem begins when you walk inside your home and office. In some cases you will find some elements totally missing. Office buildings are frequently very low on the elements water, earth and fire and are overflowing with wood and especially metal energy that promotes anxiety and stress. Homes on the other hand are usually low in metal and water with lots of earth and wood creating very low, even somewhat lethargic energy unless it is sparked with the fire element (use candles or something red) and balanced with the two missing ones.

It is actually quite easy to balance the elements in your home. Water is represented by the color blue (think water) and provides relaxing energy. To supply water energy put a picture of a bubbling brook or a gentle beach scene in your home. A wonderful indoor water fountain also works well. The wood element, represented by the color green, is usually easy to add because a lot of furniture is made of wood, landscape pictures on your walls are often filled with trees and grass plus all of those wonderful live and silk flowers and plants are all wood energy. The wood element fills the home and workplace with uplifting, good health and "new beginnings" energy.

Earth, represented by the earth tone colors, is also in abundance in homes in the form of food, floor and wall tile, glass, upholstered furniture and rugs. The earth element provides peaceful comfortable energy. The metal element is found in strong linear shapes, the color white and metals themselves like gold, silver, pewter, brass, chrome, iron etc. A little of this element goes a long ways. The insides of a lot of homes and office are often painted white and are already over filling that space with this element causing discord and tension.

As a guideline, to help you create balanced peaceful energy in your home, it would be ideal to strive for 60% wood and earth element energy, 30% water and metal energy and 10% fire energy. This provides the home an energized yet peace filled sanctuary creating balance and harmony. In the workplace the ratio should be 50% metal energy to provide a motivational and creative atmosphere, 40% wood and water for new growth and focus on career and 10% fire to add that spark for upbeat energy. The home and the workplace require two distinctly different types of energy but all you need to do is alter the quantity mix of the elements and you can switch from a tranquil sanctuary in the home to an upbeat focused creative one in the office.

Enjoy summer fun and soak up all that wonderful Feng Shui elements energy while in the great outdoors. Even if you cannot get outside, just sitting on a porch, lanai or around a pool helps to provide you the elements found in nature. However, remember when you go inside to make sure the elements are present and in proper proportions. Use the elements to help you find balance, harmony and peace within.

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