The Anti-Light Worker

The Anti-Light Worker

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen

One of my friends is a most extraordinary woman. There are many people who call themselves light workers. To varying degrees, they are correct. They are correct as far as they get out of the way of the True Light, put their egoism and personal desires and follies aside. So long as they do good and avoid evil, prevent the nonsense of the physical world from interfering with their abilities to live deeply spiritual lives, they are working in and with the Light. The difference between every one of them and my friend is that she lives in the Light.

I remember the first time I met her. We were both in line at a potluck at a mutual friend's store. There was clearly something different about her. She was not the same as the others. She told me that she works in the Akashic records. Various religions and schools of thought mention a place in heaven where the Eternal One has knowledge of everything that ever was, is and will be, along with variations on all of the above.

This woman would visit the Akashic records and return to the physical sphere with the knowledge God granted her. Now, a few years on, it is becoming quite clear that she is spending ever-increasing periods of time being taken by the angels in spirit to heaven to live in the place of heavenly Wisdom.

She is a Light worker. Her job is to bring the Light—the Creator—to earth with the help of the angels. They are her support in living the Light, living a godly life and spreading the grace and wisdom of heaven with all of us on this Earth with ears to hear.

It was in our last conversation that I felt like I had been given a celestial slap. She was speaking about her work, about how she is used by the Divine to spread His Love and knowledge of grace. In that moment, I heard my spiritual twin say that what we do is almost the direct opposite of her work.

Just as we worked together when he was physically alive as exorcists and spirit-senders, we continue to work together. The primary difference is that he is no longer physically alive. That more and more clarifies our work. Whatever humans are telling me about their experiences, what they sense, he immediately tells me precisely the situation in spiritual terms. He already knows what it is God wants from us. My brother comes directly from God with other warrior spirits and angels. Together our job is to clear our evil and the forces of Satan.

We are the Anti-Light workers.

We are sent out in front, people like me, spirits like my brother and the warrior angels of God, to undo the evil of the Evil One. We are the spiritual tools to, as the Lord's Prayer says in Latin, deliver from the Evil One (English drops the reference to Satan). We stand between Creation and damnation.

It is not recommended.

Whether you are of the faint of heart or pretend to yourself that you are some kind of emotional and spiritual tough guy, don't try this. You were not called to this. Very few people have been since before time began. Let God be God and you be you. You have other work to do that I so wish were mine.

Clearing out souls and fighting demons is lonely work. It is not for the faint of heart, the studious, the ordinary human.

My work is for those who rage. We are not angry people. However, we rage with every fiber of life against the Evil One and his children. We destroy, up-end what has been for what must be. We stand against the given order, against life as we know it. We command spiritual change, regardless of what humans think their physical world has been or is.

We blaze like burning suns and disappear.

We rage and then are seen no more.

We stand between the soul death of the Evil One and the eternal light of the Creator. Our spiritual jobs are to make possible the lives of Light workers. To get evil out of their way so that they may bring more Light, more Love, into this world.

Always hold in your heart and mind that ordinary men and women are some of the most extraordinary of Light workers. It is not just like my rare friend who is taken more and more into heaven. It is people who do little unseen kindnesses. People who say a prayer, think a good thought, unknowingly do a good deed who are Light workers.

Have courage.

Be of good faith.

Look God in the eye and say Yes to your life.

written by: Mark Janssen

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