The Ascension Fallacy. Are you being lied to?

The Ascension Fallacy. Are you being lied to?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Ascension Ascension

You are so precious to me. I want you to know the deeper truths on every level. I'm hearing about certain teachers talking nonstop about ascension, aliens as teacher and imprinting on those who are awakened to make your rise of ascension faster.

First of all let's talk about ascension. Why do you have a drive or desire to run away from your own natural path of learning, growing and full self awareness? Are you in fear of governments, violence and non unity? The dark ages were far worse than this era. What has changed is the manipulation of your mind, especially through your own choices to watch news (always and only focused on the worst happenings). Yet millions of beautiful, loving acts of kindness are happening everyday and we are as a human race evolving. The news is titillating and addictive. Unplug from this nonsense and begin to open your eyes to the beauty and wonder all around you.

Ascension in its truest form can not be rushed, you can train with a teacher on ascension, while missing the growth and wisdom you came to gain. This recent fad of teachers pumping ascension-selling programs that promise a fast path remind me of the old Catholic church that 'sold' the wealthy a guaranteed seat in heaven. Ridiculous. Deep learning, questioning, helping others rising to love and gratefulness, this is the true path. When someone is all happy about a path to ascension, I encourage you to test the truth of this. Ascension is a beautiful process taking place over lifetimes typically beautiful, precious and sacred for those who are on a true path of awakening. You must enjoy the journey and seek the truth tellers, master all areas of your life and stay grounded in loving kindness. If when you listen about ascension talk and it makes you feel like thinking of yourself and what you can gain, how fast you can move up, run away from this, it's a deception. Ascension is not a selfish journey, it's a journey of caring and sharing, and yes you must do your inner work.

Next, it has come to my attention that there are at least 2 teachers who have been selling programs on the big summits who are teaching imprinting and matching as a way to move up faster to your special dream life and awakened state. They tell you to match up with the person (someone like myself) who you admire who is where you would like to be and imprint yourself into their space.

The funny thing is I have been wondering: what the heck. I start clearing and there are more than 20 people on top of me claiming the clearing, I feel this and immediately clear them away, but the teaching has shown them how to anchor, so I am spending time during each clearing unanchoring and moving people our who are likely innocent of the knowledge of what they're doing because one of these teachers has told them to do it.

Imprinting is wrong, it's a spiritual offense and causes harm. Please if you have followed this path, with whatever words they're using to give you permission to do this, please stop. Your journey is to awaken to your divine self, not to steal enlightenment from another. I'm deeply grateful to an apprentice who brought this to my attention, and helped me understand this new problem was coming from a few misguided teachers on the wrong path. If you've done this with anyone clear imprint and match. You can contact support with more questions on how to clear. The karma clearing process would also work along with imprint and match. You have essentially become a spiritual interference to another, something I know you would never want to do deliberately. This week is a good week to rectify and course correct.

I'd just spoken to Martha, a committed student who is in a number of our year-long programs, and her first comment was that she was experiencing a perceptible elevation of her vibration over her years of study with me, wisdom with clearing on a true seeker's path.

Finally those promoting aliens as teachers. Gosh I know these beings have been around for a long time in the new age communities. Some channel, few appear as they are. We humans are deep wise beings, there are many awakened humans who can lead and guide on the path of full self expression, joy, and even awakening. I think it's a mistake to cultivate a royal welcome and honored guest status to teachers from other planets. Respect is alright if they've earned it, but how are they going to mentor you to be your very best expression of humankind? How are they going to help you overcome your human frailties and weaknesses, having never walked your path?

Our planet is of Humankind, including angel spirits and those underwater humans known to us as the merpeople, all of God cloud ancestry. Let us raise each other up and become strong and unified as humankind evolving into a shepherding race of beings who are brilliant and have done their inner work to become the helpful beings of love and light that is possible.