The Base Chakra

The Base Chakra

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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LAM is the primary vibration of the base chakra. LAXMI, the earth, mother of our elemental makeup is the closest planet to US. LAM, the base chakra vibrates with the earths vibrations, LAXMI. MATTER equals mother, an interacting of primary elements which combine to manifest her abundance, and dissolve back into primary state. The energies of LAM, LAXMI, matter, water, air and fire interact, their purity allows modifying, retaining their neutral formulas of primal energy.

Matter assembles and disassembles into formulation by our minds creativity. The matter of the mind is not to destroy the creation or the creator but looks for divineness in itself. The matter of the heart nurtures the vessel with the essence of water, in tidal waves of emotion or as pools of rejuvenation. The fire of the moment sees the elemental needs to glow, combust and rearrange matter and light, to persist.

Fire and determination are the will of nature. Being this change creates energy. Allowing the change, we don't judge, but observe and move in the direction of the collective well being.

Surprisingly enough our feet are the anchor to NOW, they cannot be in the past or the future! Finding our feet aligns our mind to NOW. Moving in this direction,
 we emote creativity rather than possessiveness. Moving on, awakens the reality, that flow is constant and little is needed.

Our wants are grappling hooks, pulling us off course, tripping us, making our feet deal with delusion, a place not NOW. Participation in the flow, we are buoyant, as well as one with the creative process. Nurturing we can see the change needed, wanting we think change is against us.

Realizing this chakra, our feet tell us what is present and the gift, the gravity of the base chakra.

written by: Al Duval

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