The Evil Homepage Slider = Excuse For Confused Intention

The Evil Homepage Slider = Excuse For Confused Intention

written by: Ling Wong
by: Ling Wong
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If you think your homepage slider is pretty and makes you look cool, let me ask you this — how is it doing on conversion?

This whole discussion on slider and conversion has been going on for a while — Peep Laja of conversionXL started talking screaming about it in 2012 and well, sadly, it's still widely used and still sucks in 2017.

I'm going out on a limb to say that most of my peeps want they websites to convert — you're not a rockstar that needs a website to just look badass.

To get people to convert — aka take whatever action you need them to take — you need to be crystal clear about what they need to do. Simple as that. Duh.

A slider is often the opposite of that. Read the blog! Sign up for the freebie! Work with me! Get in touch! Buy this widget! Take my e-course! Look, it's a really sexy closeup of a piece of kale!

What the hell are your visitors supposed to do? BTW, only you, your mother, and your cat will sit through all the slides and deliberate which one to click on.

The rest of the world? They get confused and leave in 8 secs.

Sad but true, we have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. If you don't tell visitors clearly what they need to do right away, they aren't going to do that.

You have 8 seconds — are you leaving it up to chance what the slider serves up?

Showing 7 different things in one spot? That's an excuse to give yourself an out to not make up your mind on what your homepage is about... or what YOU are about.

That lack of focus is diluting your message.

When you decide to ditch the slider, you're also deciding what's it is that you want to focus on.

What's your priority? What's your message? What's the ONE thing you want to be known for?

You want powerful copy for your website? Stand for something. When you stand for something, when you're really committed... why would you let it be diluted?

Don't let bells and whistles drag you by your nose. Lead with intention, and craft a focused user experience to guide people through what's truly important.

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