The Journey to Your Authentic Self

The Journey to Your Authentic Self

written by: Megan Edge
by: Megan Edge
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You were born an Authentic Self. You were born psychic and intuitive. You're a member of a psychic species with the ability to sense many things beyond the normal range of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and knowing. Have you ever experienced an instantaneous knowing, sudden recognition or strong feeling about a person or event? Or, have you simply known something without being able to explain how? These are examples of intuitive and psychic knowing and are part of being your Authentic Self.

Intuition is insight or knowing which comes to you without effort. I've often had people tell me they don't believe in intuition or psychic abilities – pure coincidence, they say. Yet when asked if they've ever known who was on the phone as it rang, or thought of a long, lost friend only to hear of them the next day, they answer yes! They've simply never thought of these experiences as being intuitive or psychic in origin.

Psychic simply means "of the mind" and intuition is immediate knowing – there's nothing scary or alarming in these experiences when you have the context and language with which to understand and speak of them. The Authentic Self embraces all aspects of your intuitive and psychic experiences and shows up in the world without apology for it's being, saying:

"This is who I am, these are my experiences and this is my knowing."

Each of you has intuitive and psychic experiences, however, you may not have had the language with which to describe or understand these events. Intuition is a form of communication, from your Higher Self, Guides or God/Goddess, while
 psychic phenomenon is the physical manifestation of intuitive events.

There're many ways to connect with and become aware of the subtle world around you. Have you heard the term Clairvoyant? Or how about Clairaudient? "Claire" means "clear" in French and when this prefix is added to the description of your senses, it helps you categorize and better understand your experiences.

This collective word phrase includes any type of psychic sensitivity corresponding to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, touching etc. and is another language for relating your intuitive and psychic experiences. Once you understand the Claires, and all the different ways there are to experience the subtle world around you, you can begin to explore other ways of connecting with your internal and external ways of knowing.

Trusting your body, both your physical body and your emotional body, and learning the ways in which these parts of your Higher Self communicate your truth to you, is a vital part of expanding and developing your intuition and your connection to your Authentic Self. Paying attention to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental clues around and within in you enhances your ability to receive intuitive information, both for yourself and for others.

Let's talk about your imagination for a moment. Have you ever had anyone dismiss your experiences or emotions by saying "It's all in your imagination?" Or how about "It was just a dream.", or "You're making it up!"- for whatever reason?

Do you ever wonder where self-doubt comes from? It comes from being dismissed over and repeatedly! And I'm not talking about a healthy skepticism or level-headed questioning. Can you feel the difference?

Here's the truth about imagination - it's the one, single most important tool you have at your disposal to navigate the experiences of your life, never mind creating your dreams, reaching your goals and developing your intuition. And consider this, nothing in your life, on the physical, creative or energetic levels, exists without your, or someone else's imagination.

Take a moment and look around the space you're in. Every single item came from someone's imagination. Your imagination is where everything begins - every thought, feeling, creative endevour, relationship - all of it begins in the cauldron of your imagination. Next time you wonder if it's your imagination - it is! And it's a good thing! We're an imagination-based species - own that, play in it, celebrate it!

Here's what I know to be true and I want you to hear this - You're amazing! You're brilliant beyond belief. You're far wiser than you know, than you give yourself credit for. Do

you know this? Do you know it to be true? Do you feel it in your body as you're reading this?

If you have a desire to show up in the world in a certain way, yet doubts and fears come up and you think,

"I can't do that, I'm not good enough, what if people laugh at me? What if they don't like who I am?"

then you're making beautiful excuses to not do what you came here to do; which is to make a difference in people's lives. Every one of you.

Every path you cross, and every person who crosses your path: there's a purpose and a reason for that connection. Many of you walk around for years not recognizing this and miss opportunities to show up for people and to allow other people to show up for you.

Developing your intuition is a journey of self-discovery. Learning to trust your impressions and personal ways of knowing and connecting to the inner and outer worlds around you; your own thought process and the energy of others, is exhilarating and empowering. Along the way your Authentic Self shows up and you feel yourself settling confidently into your skin, your body and your way of being.

You do us all a favour, yourself most of all, when you learn to know who you are, who you came here to be and embrace all of you. Let us see you and have our experience of you, without worrying about what our experience of you is – that's the biggest gift you can give anyone!

Join me, and my co-host, Dr. Pat on our next episode on Playing on the Edge Radio: Radical Change with Easeas we explore "Auras, Authenticity, Audacious – Oh My! What if you wore no Masks? airing Tuesday, January 13th at 11am PST on Transformation Talk Radio, Alternative Talk Radio AM and The Dr. Pat Show.

And invite your Authentic Self to join us too! XO


written by: Megan Edge

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