THE Leap Of Faith

THE Leap Of Faith

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
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Margie Kugler

I am here with my Angel Card Reading..Its been a while so sorry but I am healing with My Angels Help and now I can share my story through My Readings. I chose Leap Of faith from My cards.

I have called it Leap Of Faith To a Glorious Life Believing in Hope Destroys Despair Keep that pilot light open Call it Faith Hope or Wishes It does"nt matter As long as it resonates With Your Inner Soul To be the best You You could be Regardless of circumstances Dont wait till....This or That happens! Be the soldier and warrior In lifes challenges First you smile Then comes a sense of joy Take that leap of Faith , For its the next Path To Happinness And the closest way To a Glorious, Fulfilled Life.

This card I picked today

And so It Is

Love and light Margie Kugler Copyright 2018