The Magic of Autumn

The Magic of Autumn

written by: Cindy Hively
by: Cindy Hively
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Welcome to almost Autumn, I am over the Moon excited! I feel so blessed to share these next days with you. Autumn happens to be my favorite time of the year. I am in awe of the colors and changing leaves blowing to the ground. The smell of crisp outdoor smells, hot apple cider and going to the local farmer market for home canned goods is on my weekly list. I love watching my furry boys more energetic with the cool temperatures.

I feel like the Summer was a blur, it went by so quickly. I did manage to dry my herbs last week and store them away for the year for cooking, making teas, healing remedies and whatever needs to be brewed. This is always one of my favorite activities to do. For the rest of September I will be making lists and doing what feels good to me to ease into Autumn. Each season becomes a major shift not only outdoors but also indoors as well. What do I mean by this? Thank you for asking...

When we don't change with the seasons we notice being out of alignment in other areas of our life. things become a little chaotic. I am sure you have felt this before but maybe you didn't know why. Here are three areas to start with and you will get the flow down and continue on with hopefully grace and not too much frustration.

1. Walk your house, if what you have placed around you doesn't make you jump for joy, replace it with fresh seasonal "now" items. Somethings are better tossed or donated. This is also a great time to bring the indoors into your home with pumpkins, gourds, indian corn or doing a huge arrangement with branches of turning leaves.

2. Fresh it up. This is the time I change all my bed linens and quilts to heavier ones. I love using essential oils to clean with, especially lemon and create a new fresh Autumn smell. Put a drop or two of Lemon oil on a piece of fabric and throw it in the dryer. I smells so good and clean. I also change out my clothes from different closets and donate, or giveaway those items I don't wear anymore.

3. Put outside to bed. By mid October I have Mums and Autumn heirloom pumpkins sitting around on my porches. I use this time to harvest anything else that needs to be and then I trim back, cut down my flower beds and put away my plant containers that I am not using. It makes the outside feel warm and inviting.

Plan your time and you will complete quickly and enjoy this magickal season. It is time to reap the gifts of your labor not just outwardly but inwardly as well. Enjoy, relax, make time for yourself. Summer is always a busy season especially for Mamas. go buy that favorite book and start reading. You deserve to treat yourself.

Cindy Hively